5 Distribution Tactics to Get Your Content Shared Like Crazy

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You just hit publish. What happens now? Do you sit back and wait for your audience to discover your content? There’s one simple problem with that strategy – your audience probably doesn’t hang out on your blog or social media page. You need to invite them to look at what you have created.

Expert bloggers have time and know the importance of content distribution. If you don’t light the fuse, you can’t have the explosion.

5 Distribution Tactics to Get Your Content Shared Like Crazy

In this specific scenario, you would have to light a series of fuses by sharing your content in all possible media, and on the multiple communities and platforms relevant to your industry.

There are so many ways in which you can distribute your content to earn visibility. With the right tactics and a documented distribution regime, you can achieve an incredible amount of visibility for everything that you create. Here’s how.

1. Involve your partners to help increase your content visibility

People are your channels. Unless they share your content, it is going nowhere. To boost your marketing efforts, it is good to have a network of peers and social connections who consistently share your content. The longer, harder way to do this is by building those relationships with effort and over time – which you should do, no doubt. But if you want to instantly explode your reach, you could begin by working with people you already have relationships with – like your employees or partners.

Did you know that content shared by employees gets shared 8X times as frequently as content shared by anyone else?

That is (insert your number of employees here) * 300 (average number of social followers each employee has) * 8 (reach)! If you have 100 employees, you could potentially have 24,000,000 shares.

You need three things to make this tactic work – great content, partners and employees, and a platform to have them all meet. That is precisely what employee advocacy platforms do. DrumUp Employee Advocacy Platform lets registered employees schedule/share content added by you. Employees can even add their voice via emojis, customer descriptions and GIFs to make your content that much more engaging.

Turn the activity into a fun contest and you will be surprised what your champions can accomplish for you.

1. Enlist your partners to help increase your content visibility

2. Make a splash in niche communities and networking sites

The Internet is teeming with super-active networking sites and industry-specific communities. You simply have to find and work with yours.

Ideally, you shouldn’t look at your community efforts as ‘marketing’. You have to become a part of a community and build relationships with the people in your niche. Do that and suggest your content as solutions where relevant, and you will see a surge in traffic that you can credit to those communities.

One of the more generic ones is Quora, where people discuss questions that fit every possible niche.

2. Make a splash in niche communities and networking sites

Your success on Quora depends on two limiting factors – the activity in a question and the popularity of your answer. It isn’t a great idea to choose questions that have already been answered, and several times. If you answer hits the bottom of the page, it is less likely to be read, much less up-voted.

List a bunch of communities and networks like Quora, and keep your activity consistent. The more specific the community in your niche, the better. If you spend enough time on this activity, you will begin to identify exactly who your audience is and what they like to talk about – a giant advantage in crafting your content strategy.


3. Upgrade blog posts to infographics, SlideShares or videos

Text to visual is always an upgrade. Why?

Converting text to a visual is one of the easiest things to do. The backbreaking research part is over. You don’t have to spend hours to wordsmith your text or find reliable data to support your arguments. You simply have to pick the highlights of content that you have already created.

If you don’t particularly enjoy designing, you don’t have to invest much time in it. You can work with pre-designed templates in image editor apps and use free stock images. There are so many visual apps and resources that you can draw from.

4. Create content series for email and social media

The best thing about a content series is that you can keep your audience guessing. People love suspense. You can garner the attention of a bunch of people and keep them coming back to your blog/social pages for more; provided that your content keeps them interested.

You can begin with an email containing the introductory chapter and work up to the finish by shooting emails consistently over a period of time.

In social media, you don’t need a series of blogs. You could turn one blog post into a series of tweets where each tweet is one tactic/point/highlight. The busy bees who have no time to read will love you for this! With this tactic, you can spread one blog post over weeks, or months even and without ever having to repeat a tweet. Because your content is spread out, you have more chances to capture an audience and can increase the possibility of getting one blog post shared.

Here’s what we do with our blog posts – we turn each of them into a tips/tactics series.

5. Place a link below your email signature

As a marketing professional, you probably connect with several people via email. The open rates of these emails are certainly higher than your email newsletters because your contacts are expecting them. Placing a link to your blog post here would be a great way to try get it shared, especially if the people you email have active social profiles.

You already spend a few minutes crafting the emails that you send out. Why not spend a few seconds more on adding a blog post to it? The more you personalize this, the better the result. Think about which content would most benefit your email recipient, and then send just that to them. People will be grateful to you for it.

The three key necessities to increase your shares are the right communities, the right people and the right content. Connect with everyone you know, be considerate and share only what is relevant, build those relationships, and you will have a healthy sharing system in due time.

Author bio:
Disha Dinesh is a social media and content marketing enthusiast who writes extensively about small business marketing at DrumUp.io.

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