6 Tools to Make Your Work More Efficient

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Short term strategy fails. That’s a fact. Of course, at the end of the day, we all want to see $$$ in our pockets. But, as Gary Vee says, making fast money is not the right way to do business. ‘How’s that?’ – You may ask. It’s more valuable to find a long-term strategy on a solid foundation your business will benefit from not only today but also in the next 2, 5 and 10 years. Sure, building a strong company takes time but when you do it wisely and consciously, the chances of succeeding get much higher. Why is that such a good idea? You’re backed up and prepared for tough times. Here’s a list of tools to help you construct a strong core.

Organize yourself

Before you start calculating costs and profits, you need to look around. There are people you need to communicate with, you need to talk to and build relationships with. We’re talking both inside your company and outside of it. People are your biggest asset. Make their work as easy as possible. With these applications it’s a piece of cake.


goPRit tools

How to build your community and not spend years doing that? Also, how to do it fast without giving the impression that it’s just a cold, automated process? goPRit is a smart answer to these questions. It’s a tool which lets you do your public relations yourself.

goPRit is hands down the most powerful press generating solution around! – says Casey Mruk, Social Media Coordinator & Editor @TechDay. This tool allows you to identify, build relationships and pitch relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers globally. For a few hundred dollars a month, and a few hours of your time, you can unleash the power of quality and consistent press coverage without hiring an overpriced PR agency. There is a free demo to verify how it may help in your particular case. By the way, goPRit provides awesome support, a robust knowledge base, on-demand training and live chat.


DrumUp tools

Due to the massive amount of publications in social media, it is much harder, but still very important, to provide interesting and valuable content. That’s what DrumUp was created for – it’s essentially a content curation and employee advocacy platform designed to make social media marketing simple and hassle-free.

The tool has been created using intelligent algorithms, therefore, it can understand your needs (based on the keywords you set) and deliver the best and fresh content to you. You can also add your favorite RSS feeds on DrumUp and share anything from your feed across multiple social media accounts with a single click. As we are all extremely busy but still want to be active on social media, DrumUp does a great job. You can schedule posts in advance using the app and save the posts you like to DrumUp’s content library for the future use.


ScribblePost tools

The idea of capturing and managing your notes, tasks, projects and emails in one place sounds good for everyone who likes a well-organized work day. Meet ScribblePost.

It’s modelled on the way people naturally scribble notes on paper, so it’s fast, flexible and easy to use. Once you’re in, you can use it to work productively on your own and with anyone else – even the people who don’t use ScribblePost! That’s why it’s called a productivity network.

There are lots of productivity tools available today, but people are still forced to rely on email to work with others. That’s because the network of people you really work with goes well beyond your immediate team – it includes customers, suppliers, contractors or even family and friends. These people aren’t using the same tools you are, so there is no choice but to keep sending tasks via email where it may be hard to manage these things properly. There has to be a better way to work! That’s where ScribblePost comes in.

…and GAIN

You have valuable content and you “have” people you can share it with. That’s a solid base. So let’s go further. All companies have their websites and most of them have a Facebook page. All of them want to sell and keep clients engaged. Save your time and money. Sounds simple – so let’s make it simple. Time to discover applications and tools that may become your best friends.


FastTony tools

We all know Facebook ads. Most of us use it for company or private needs. We all know how they work but having an application that will set up a configuration, will find your customers and will let you see profits is game-changing. FastTony.es is a Facebook advertising tool for small and medium businesses and agencies. It delivers non-standard functionalities such as weather controlled ads or video lead ads, so your ads are more precise and therefore more effective.

The application allows you to get valuable leads and automate the whole process of Facebook advertising. Due to over 40 integrations, FastTony goes even further. It gives you the ability to automate your campaigns with mailing systems (GetResponse, MailChimp etc.), CRMs and even SMS platforms such as SMS API. A mobile app is also available.


VWO tools

Conversion is something we all think about and we all want to increase. There is a way to do this with VWO – an A/B testing tool for marketers designed to boost conversions on the website. To give you a brief introduction, VWO’s key strength is that it’s easy to use A/B testing capabilities allow marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages. Using a visual editor means they get to discover which version delivers maximum conversion rate or sales. VWO helps website owners exponentially increase conversion by optimising visitors’ actions on their website.

To move a little bit from A/B testing, VWO is swiftly evolving to encompass various other components of the conversion optimisation journey. It includes:

  • advanced capabilities for tracking visitors’ actions on the website
  • sophisticated tools like Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Form Analysis, Surveys etc. for gathering insights on visitors’ behaviour
  • management and prioritisation of test hypotheses
  • best-in-class testing capabilities for A/B, Split and Multi-variant testing

Deadline Funnel

DeadlineFunnel tools

Have you ever wondered how to turn “deadlines” into your biggest asset? That’s possible, believe me. I’d like to introduce you to Deadline Funnel.

This tool lets you use deadlines and countdown timers in your marketing funnel without being scammy or fake. Deadline Funnel uses proprietary Deadline Fingerprint technology to track prospects across different devices and different web pages. Deadline Funnel works on all landing page builders such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels, WordPress, Unbounce, and much, much more. Deadline Funnel also integrates with all the most popular email service providers and lets you perfectly sync the timing of your emails and the countdowns on your pages. It’s pretty easy to set up – there is a short demo on the website and a free trial is available so you can see it yourself.


We’re on the same page – the main goal is to make money. That’s why we are thankful to all application creators for their inventions, making our lives easier with this process. Also, as a community manager I will always emphasize the potential and importance of building strong relations. Creating a good atmosphere inside and outside your company can bring benefits where and when you don’t even expect them. Remembering and caring about your community and clients at the same time might be challenging, but the results will show that it’s definitely worth the effort.

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