7 Tips to Design Exciting Infographics That Stand Out From the Crowd

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Infographics are an important part of many successful digital marketing strategies, and they are popularly used by content marketers to spread information and boost marketing campaigns. However, what if you are unable to hire a graphic designer? You cannot ignore the need of quality infographics to promote your message effectively. Instead of using expensive online design tools, you can follow a few tips to produce eye-catching infographics, even if you have never designed before. Here are 7 tips to point you in the right direction:

Consider your color scheme

Colors add life to any illustration which also holds true for infographics, however use appropriate colors to make your idea work. Instead of mixing up random colors, use colors that blend with your brand message. You can also apply complimenting colors and take help from designs tools such as Coolors and Paletton to enhance your entire color selection.

Make conscious decisions regarding typography


Typography is another important design element, as great designs are typically complimented with good typography. As a marketer, you need to know the basic difference between fonts – you can try out a few combinations to see what looks impressive, but don’t overdo it. As a rule of thumb, try to use only 2 types of fonts in your work.

Check different typography sites to grab a few quick design tips and techniques for picking good fonts. Expert designers recommend using serif fonts instead of sans-serif to give a convincing serious look to your message.

Opt for a simple layout

Instead of overcrowding your infographic with too many visuals and icons, present information in a simple manner. A general rule of thumb is to present the idea with a few lines of text for describing the concept. Use charts, pictograms and icons for explaining your ideas further.

Check the infographic layout cheatsheet to understand the placement of text and icons.

Tell a Story


Most infographics comprise random images and facts. However, to engage potential users, infographics must have a distinct character and should be presented in the form of a story. Try adding a touch of humor to get more likes and shares. Infographics designed for food and travel niche generate a lot of buzz.

Take care of textures

Textures add to the overall design and feel of infographics. Use different shapes for structuring your infographics.

Visit this infographic for understanding the concept better.

Infographic Tools


Various free & paid infographic tools are available online to assist “non-designers” in the creation of cool and fun infographics. Simply drag and drop icons and fonts of your choice to design an impressive looking infographic for your audience. Ease.ly and Venngage are two great infographic designing tools that can be used to create killer infographics.

Write a Compelling Title

Like blog posts, infographics also require a catchy title. Infographics designed on “how to” or “list topics” tends to do really well. You can either work with a copywriter or take help from online title generation tools such as Portent’s title generator to produce interesting infographic titles.

Designing an infographic isn’t a skill limited to graphic designers.  Marketers too can design great looking infographic by following these tips.

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