Looking for Best Holiday Offer? Brand24 Will Help You

Natalia Chrzanowska Natalia Chrzanowska
September 29, 2015 ・ 4 min read
Looking for Cheap Holidays Brand24 Will Help You

This case study was inspired by one of Brand24‘s users, who came up with a creative application of social listening and shared his idea with us. Internet monitoring can be a handy tool in plenty areas of your business operation like sales leads generation, social media content analyses or recruitment proccess, but, as it turned out, it can also help you find great holiday offers.

The user mentioned above was looking for last minute all inclusive holiday to Greece. He set up a project in which he tracked phrases related to traveling to Greek islands, browsed mentions and then found the best deal. Thanks to this solutions he saved plenty of time and got the best deal for dream destination.

Social listening tools are designed to collect all online content related to specific item into one friendly dashboard. Whether you want to know what’s being said about yourself, your favorite band or specific brand you get all mentions in one place. Saving lots of time and being on top of things are only some of numerous advantages you can take from Internet monitoring.

Looking for Holiday Offer? Try Internet Monitoring


You have probably struggled many times when looking for package holiday on the web, browsing numerous websites to compare deals. It is a time-consuming and often frustrating task that can take away all the excitement related to deserved time off. There is a way to minimize the time spend on browsing travel agents sites and increase chances for success of finding the best deal.

Brand24 can help you with this task, as one of tool’s users proved it while doing a research. Within one evening he found holiday offer that was a perfect match. Here is how he did that.

Project configuration is the key

We always trot it out to our customers. A proper project configuration is the most important step when starting monitoring anything on the Internet. Picking the right keywords guarantee the tool collects all mentions that are crucial to you.


In the case of holiday research, there are a few alternative options to set up a project. Depending on what is the most important factor in decision process, you should choose different keywords.

In this case, the user was focused only on the two Greek islands so he entered them as main keywords. Naturally, if he had left it without required and excluded keywords, he would have got too many results that would include more content than only holiday offers. That’s why it is important to add phrases that curb results to those that are related to traveling deals. In this case, required words included: “last, minute”, “cheap”, “all, inclusive”.

holiday with brand24

However, if you do not care about specific destination, I recommend to add “last minute”, “all inclusive” etc. in main keywords and “holiday” as required keyword. You can also modify configuration. For instance, if you want to go to any direction except for Greece and Italy you just need to include these countries (and the most popular regions/islands) in the excluded keywords fields.

holiday with brand24 a

Find your dream destination


After Brand24 collects mentions with holiday offers, it is time for you to do a little research. Firstly, I recommend to put SPAM filter to low, especially if you get too few mentions. The tool is designed to provide users with the most crucial content from the Internet. In most of the cases sites like Ebay or travel agent’s pages are assigned to SPAM category. However, in this case you might need these as well.

You can now play with other filters. For instance, you can set filter by number of visits to exclude results from webpages that are smaller than 500,000 monthly visitors. Bigger sites may have more credibility, however it is not the rule.

You can also modify search with phrase filter. Depending on what you want to include in or exclude from your trip, insert proper items in this fields. Want to go for 7-day holiday? Include it in phrase filter. Your inquiry in this field should count all the possible options that travel agents can express in their offers (“7day”, “7-day”, “7night”, “7-night”) all separated with {OR} operator.


Brand24 collected 316 mentions that concerned package holiday in Korfu or Zakynthos within one week! Lots of offers to choose from, right? Results were found on social media platforms, but the majority was created on distinct travel agent’s sites (category others).

number of mentions brand24 holiday case

After an hour or so the best deal was found, chosen and holiday booked straightaway.

If you also want to give Brand24 a try in seeking for holiday offer check out free trial.