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How to Increase Social Engagement<br/>Somersby Case Study

How to Increase Social Engagement
Somersby Case Study

Somersby decided to engage bloggers and vloggers to promote its brand with unique approach to cooperation with bloggers. The article was originally written by Jakub Prószyński. We are pleased to present you an excellent example of building relations with key individuals, who influence potential buyers. This case study concerns a recent marketing campaign related to a new product’s introduction – blackberry-flavored Somersby beer. All the […]

Natalia Chrzanowska
June 9, 2014 ・ 9 min read
Pizza Giveaway Based on Social Listening

Pizza Giveaway Based on Social Listening

Social Media Monitoring can serve you as a perfect base for innovative marketing campaign. Think outside the box and come up with PR stunt that will improve your image, increase engagement and stay in mind for long. Many companies have their customer service to their credit and one of them is Da Grasso, pizza restaurants chain, which […]

March 21, 2014 ・ 2 min read
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