5 Creative Hashtag Campaigns You Should Look Up To

Natalia Chrzanowska

Using hashtags is an easy way to categorize your social media content and simply let users to find you among the abundance of information on the Internet. It is also a perfect way to engage audience in an online campaign. Many brands know that already and impress the others with their marketing stunts. Here are the 5 examples of how hashtag campaign should be done.


4 Ways to Improve the Online Experience for Older Audiences


Marketing to older audiences can easily conjure up clichéd images of grey-haired couples strolling on the beach. Yet this lucrative market is far from stereotypical: it encompasses consumers from all walks of life who just happen to be over a certain age. Mature audiences are becoming just as tech-savvy as younger digital natives, it seems (particularly when it comes to online banking and travel booking).