December love.

Michal Sadowski Michal Sadowski
December 11, 2014 ・ 2 min read

The first 10 days of December is the best time in our company’s history. Within 10 days, we had more signups than in whole previous month. And November was also a record breaking month.

We did that through several activities:

1st of December.

Cyber Monday. 24h discount for all Brand24 subscription plans. The results blew our mind. Almost a 100 new companies signing up with over 20 buying a new subscription straight away. Many more upgraded their plans in following days. This was the best day in our company. Until we released a new version 3 days later…

4th of December.

We released a new version of our product in Poland. We did that around a dedicated presentation. We communicated our new product through social and email. Even though majority of our promo was targeting active customers, we had yet another record-breaking day. In 2 days we generated almost 200 new signups, a lot of new subscriptions and moreover, plenty of upgrades (active customers buying higher subscription plan (through upsell) to access new features).

Some of the stats from our new version release initial campaign:

  • We generated over 250 new trials in last 5 days of running campaign.
  • 22 000 pageviews (normally we get around 7k)
  • 100% positive feedback on new features
  • 6000 users visited the website (43% were new users).
  • Almost 3 minutes spend on on average!
  • 375 new mentions / threads regarding new version
  • 1 652 social media interactions (likes, shares, comments)
  • 150 000 social media reach – this is how many people we actually reached via social

10th of December.

We thought “there is no way we are going to top the results generated through our new Brand24 promo”. We were wrong. On 10th of December popular blogger and entrepreneur Pawel Tkaczyk sent a Brand24 promo code through his newsletter. Now that made our servers sweat. Almost 180 new companies registered for our product. The quality of the traffic is gold. Supercool companies, startups, potential brand ambassadors. It is safe to say, Pawel’s endorsment is the best thing that can happen to your business. Especially if you are running a SaaS product.


Hopefully, you will find this information useful and you’ll be able to emulate this strategy within your company. Best of luck!