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Google Reviews is becoming more and more important marketplace not only for locally-based businesses, but also businesses online. Seeing its rapid growth, we developed Google Reviews monitoring to include yet another aspect of your online reputation in one dashboard.

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Why Google Reviews are important?

Google Reviews’ explosive growth has started in 2015. Since then, the number of reviews on the platform has been growing like crazy. Bright Local, one of the leaders in local search, went to the trouble of analyzing the growth of review sites. Here’s what they found:

An image from BrightLocal showing the growth of review sites

Since 2015, Google Reviews has seen the the most dramatic increase in the overall number of reviews of all review sites.

Benefits of Google Reviews

Google Reviews, just like any other online reviews, are important for your business for obvious reasons. However, there’s something special about Google Reviews you shouldn’t undervalue:

  • Google Reviews work locally – anytime a consumer google a business, the Google algorithm interprets their search as local and suggests places in your closest vicinity 
  • Google Reviews improve local search ranking of your website – according to wise minds of SEO wizards at Moz, Google Reviews account for 9% of all ranking factors 
  • It’s a great source of customer feedback and business intelligence – it’s a gold mine of suggestions of improvements and constructive feedback 
  • Reviews obviously increase brand trust – there’s many a research about that and conclusions are 
  • They boost traffic to your website – lots of reviews encourage readers to visit your website
  • They increase conversion – once a reader visits your website, he or she is on the right track to conversion

Google Reviews monitoring now in Brand24

Google Reviews can now be monitored in Brand24 alongside other online sources such as:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • News sites
  • Blogs 
  • Discussion forums 
  • Review sites

It means that the scope of online reputation you can manage in Brand24 has just expanded – it’s all in one place and there’s no need to browse your channel one by one, time after time. 

How to monitor Google Reviews

First of all, log into Brand24 and select a project you’d like to collect Google Reviews for, or create your account and a first project. 

Important: If you’re new to Brand24, learn how to create your first project and monitor your brand on social media.

Once you’re in, here’s what to do.

1. Getting your Google Reviews link.

There are two ways of getting the link. 

Option 1. Find your business in Google Maps search engine and once you get it, copy the link.

A screenshot of Google maps showing Empire State Building

Option 2. Find your business in Google search engine so that it appears at the right hand side of search results.

Search results of Techland showing its localization in Google Maps

Once you get it, click reviews here: 

Info box about Techland in Google search results

You’ll see a pop-up that contains online reviews of your business. Copy the link: 

Google Reviews of Techland

Now we’ll move to Brand24. 

2. Adding the link to your Brand24 project

Open Brand24 and choose a project you want to collect Google Reviews for. Enter Project settings.

Panel from Brand24

Inside, open Additional sources tab and paste in your Google Reviews link.

Project setting inside Brand24

That’s it! It autosaves once you add the link. 

From now on, your Google Reviews will arrive to the Mentions tab.

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