Indonesian Presidential Election 2014 – Infographic

July 7, 2014 ・ 1 min read


We are excited to present you today the newest outcome of social media analysis in Indonesia. After delivering of very popular airline market analysis our next focus was made on the hottest subject nowadays in Indonesia – Presidential election.

Only two days are left to one of the most important events in Indonesia. Presidential election sparks off a lively debate not only in traditional media, but also in digital ones. The latest research was aimed to answer how the candidates’ performance is being represented in Social Media. Results of our efforts has been summarized in an occasional infographic. Each candidate has a little bit different strategy in this channel and different approach to distinct platforms. In two days we will find out whhich one is more effective and whether a discussion in Social Media reflects the actual situation in the Indonesia. In the meantime, check out the whole analysis.



Data sources: Brand24, Sotrender and Fokus – smarter analytics
Cooperation: Share Foundation & Joy Intermedia.