Using Mobile Marketing to Achieve Direct Connection

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December 3, 2015 ・ 3 min read

Your mobile marketing business approach should prioritize direct connection. Consumers come and go, but long-lasting relations will generate brand power while expanding your social network. Retailer mobile apps can increase consumer engagement by up to five times, and approximately 48 percent of retailers opt to use smartphones for in-store and on-the-go shopping.

Establishing direct connections with consumers takes time, but it’s entirely possible when modern technology is implemented. The following tips can garner closer relationships, benefiting the consumer with top-quality industry options and offers.

Tip One: Target Small Businesses

Sometimes, smaller is better. Right now, small businesses contain great potential for industry marketers. SMS campaigns, direct mail campaigns, location-based amenities and even community events can be promoted through a small business environment.

Mobile-based communication paths need to be personable, so maximize direct promotion campaigns through local establishments. Small entities have contained consumer markets, and such markets are highly conducive to establishing direct connections with consumers. Your mobile marketing efforts, when aided by a small business, can take advantage of direct mailing lists, test offers, community events and low management costs.

Tip Two: Streamline Your App

Reportedly, consumers spend approximately 85 percent of their time on mobile apps. They also, however, only use about five apps. When streamlining your mobile platform for deeper connectivity, prioritize brand-specific app benefits. Don’t fall by the wayside of unused apps. Mobile marketing’s newest barriers are becoming increasingly app-centric, pushing away brands incapable of invoking charm via a tight web app.

Your app should offer instant updates. It should also feature web connectivity to encourage cross-channel communications. Your mobile device’s true power rests within its ability to connect, reconnect and recreate cross-channel communication. Your app, alone, holds much of the direct connection’s responsibility.

Tip Three: Create App Events

Event marketing excels in creating in-depth connections, and your business’s app can create exciting, dynamic opportunities inside of these events. Mobile devices feature geo-location services, so don’t hesitate to mark consumer attendance, buyer information, personal information and purchasing patterns. Your marketing event should make the consumer feel exclusive. Heighten the excitement with direct rewards, prizes, premiums and takeaway benefits.

Every event amenity should be personalized, as should resulting text campaigns. Consumers should be prompted to interact with the brand before the event occurs. Similarly, they should be presented with dates, application rules, hot spots, features and notable appearances.

Tip Four: Share Media

These days, shareable media is a must-have resource. Social media platforms carry intuitive designs for media networking, and your mobile marketing platform should constantly gather information where it’s being traded. Social media users travel away from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn eventually, engaging web apps, information portals, ranked websites and articles.

Photos, videos, informational material and dynamic content should constantly be offered. It should also be checked for relevancy. If your content has been brushed up, expose it. Wait for reviews, replies and opinions. If you can direct mobile-based social media users away from the initial platform—do so. Direct connection ends as the consumer parts with a previous platform, so catching them “in transit” should be a priority.

A Word on Consumer Benefits:

As you engage the consumer in and beyond your mobile platform, remember to uphold quality. Mobile marketing has gained traction in recent years, but consumers are still wary of location-based services and information procurement. All SMS campaigns should be non-intrusive, and every message should contain real, candid benefits.

In the modern marketing world, targeted visitors serve a purpose far beyond generated sales. In-depth, widespread consumer connection requires consistency. It requires a quality approach to time investment and purchasing priority. Direct connection might be your endgame, but it certainly shouldn’t be your stopping point.

About the Author:

Sophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.