Reviews & Comments Pt. 3 – Establish Yourself As an Expert

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Welcome to the third part of Reviews & Comments. You already know why they are so important for your business and you know which strings you should pull to gather them. Now you’ll learn why you need to establish yourself as an expert.

To bring the maximum out of online reviews and comments you need to become an authority in your industry. It’s easier to engage  a community, sell products and receive feedback when customers know that your company is an authority in your industry.

It’s all about gaining your customers’ trust and confidence so that they naturally recommend your services online, whether via marketplaces or other channels.

How to Establish Yourself As an Expert?

Apart from having a great expertise, you need to reach your customers. It can be done by a number of ways.

Great knowledge of your niche and active social media presence drive your customers’ engagement and encourage them to get involved in your community: ask questions, discuss, and provide feedback.

1. Awesome content

Prove your authority through creating great content and spreading it across various channels. Stand out from your competition  Apart from it, you need to pay attention to its effective promotion through various social media channels. Below you can see some examples of the content you can create:

Run a Blog

Establish your blog and touch on some key issues within the industry. Write great pieces of articles and respond to comments. We may have a little bit of an inspiration for running your blog. Here are pieces of advice on writing and tools that improve it.

ux pin establish yourself as an expert

Create an E-book

It’s like a ticket to validating your knowledge of the field. With a few e-books you’re considered an expert not only by your customers but also media. We’re not much into bragging about ourselves, but you should definitely check our free e-book called the Social Listening Bible.

social listening bible establish yourself as an expert

Write Guest Posts

Gain exposure on the Web by writing guest posts for industry media outlets. Gain bigger audience that engages in discussions and is more likely to provide feedback on your business.

When it comes to the promotion of your article, ways and means are almost innumerable. You can share it via social media also on industry-related groups, post it on relevant publishing sites such as Medium, Inbound, and others.

Here, you find an example of our guest post on Right Hello’s blog. 

sales social listening establish yourself as an expert

2. Awesome social media

A more engaged community is more likely to leave a review. You need to run your social media the awesome way. We can help you with this. See how to increase customer engagement online and, for example, on Twitter.

social media establish yourself as an expert

3. Become a Vlogger

Yes, that’s what I’ve said – you or your colleague need to become a vlogger.

YouTube is second largest search engine right after Google.

That’s why it’s a perfect place to reach out to your audience with your great expertise of the industry. Video has a great potential as it’s easier in reception and your brand gets a human face which builds trust.

Record demos, how to, Q&A, AMA, or any other format you find suitable for your business. Below you can check our demo video!

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are frequently undervalued but you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

They’re another great device to mark your company’s authority, reach customers, spark a debate and drive engagement. What’s crucial, they’re easy to prepare and have a huge impact! Be sure to check out Jim Nico’s post on podcasting!

5. Webinars

Host webinars where you discuss issues connected to your business, you explain how to use your product more efficiently or your lead a relevant discussion. Create Facebook events to invite people and increase your reach. Down below you can see one of our CRO’s webinars.


All the above help you become an expert in your niche and engage your customer community so that people are more likely to provide feedback and review your product or service.

And so we reach the end of the series. We hope now know why reviews matter, where you can post and gather them and how to maximalize their potential by establishing yourself as an expert.

I couldn’t sleep peacefully if I didn’t remind you how you can benefit from social listening. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to monitor all people’s conversations about your company whether in social media, on blogs, discussion forums or websites. Secondly, you can try out all these features in a free trial here!

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