How to Find the Right Websites to Target Your Ads

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Launching a paid advertising campaign on a website can cause a headache.

The most important and at the same time complicated thing about paid ads is identifying the right websites to target ads on. 

To do so, you need to know who your audience is and where do they hang out.

A social media monitoring tool like Brand24 can be useful here.

How to Find Websites to Target Your Ads

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that collects mentions of predefined keywords from social media, discussion forums, websites, blogs and other places.

In other words, tracking keywords relevant to your business will tell you which websites, blogs or discussion forums generate the most mentions for your business, industry or competitors. 

This is how you can find places where your audience hangs out. Only then you know where to target your ads. 

This video does an excellent job explaining how you can find the best websites and social (or non-social) platforms for your business to run ads and market your product or service:

Example 1.

Here, at Brand24, we use our own tool to monitor keywords connected to what we do: social media monitoring, social listening, social media analytics, brand monitoring, reputation management and more.

target ads

After some time and gathering enough results, we found one of the places we could target our ads is Reddit.

target ads

And so we went for it with a couple of ads. This is one of them:

target ads

Example 2.

Zortrax is one of the leading 3D printing company. They used our social media monitoring to find sites they could advertise on. The one they invested their money is was

target ads

Here’s How to Do It

Go to your Brand24 dashboard or, if you don’t have your account, you can create one here. It’s absolutely free, no credit card required.

Then create your project so that it consists of the most accurate keywords strictly connected to what you do. What may be of help here is keyword research, just like SEO keyword research.

Good keyword research is quite a time consuming and complex process. It’s good to put an effort to make it properly. You will need also for your SEO, detailed ads targeting, content creation and other areas of your business.

Once you have your keywords, you can start monitoring them in Brand24.

target ads

After some time, as the tool collects mentions in real time, you will see which sites mention your keywords most often or are most influential.

To find them, you need to go to the Analysis tab.

target ads

The Most Active Sites & The Most Influential Sites

These are the features of Brand24 that allow identifying the best sites to target your paid ads.

Let’s have a look at the most active sites first. This list sorts all sites mentioning our keywords according to the number of mentions they generate. You can see there source name, the number of mentions, the number of visits and influencer score.

The most active sites have another value. They also indicate where you should engage your target audience.

target ads

On the other hand, we have the most influential sites. This list shows our sources according to the number of visits over a certain period of time.

target ads

Both of them will help you choose the right sites to target your ads.


If you want to give it a try, here’s a free trial. No credit card required.

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