Looking for The Perfect New Year’s Eve Plan? Brand24 Will Help You

Tom Tom
December 30, 2015 ・ 4 min read

Looking for a leisurely way to spend New Year’s Eve? Why not trying to save your time and effort with a quick search with Internet monitoring tool? Where to find the perfect New Year’s offer if not among the hottest  social media conversations?

Social media monitoring is a brilliant tool to grow your business with practical strategies to expand customer base, generate sales, manage online reputation, build community, complement customer service as well as promote content and even recruit people to your team. However, Internet monitoring can also serve for many personal purposes such as finding the best last minute holiday offer or the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration plan.

Let’s have a quick step-by-step tour through the friendly Brand24’s dashboard to help you find the best way for kicking off 2016.

Project Configuration

Project configuration is like the foundation to your house. It has to be solid. Properly selected keywords for your search will do half of the job for you. There are a few of alternative options to set up the project depending on what your NYE celebration preferences are – whether you are looking for venues open on NYE, daytime activities or an evening out.

For the purpose of this exercise let’s assume we are looking for an evening out in London. In that case, we would enter “new year’s eve” as the main keyword and “London, party” as required keyword. With required keyword field empty we would obtain much more results but not necessarily relevant for our specific location and leisure time preferences.

Project Configuration

In order to collect a higher number of the relevant mentions, you might consider adding extra main keywords i.e. variations of the previously used main keyword. In this case, we can use “NYE” or “new years”. A good idea would be also adding some variations of the required keyword like “parties”, “evening out”.

Important note: In order for a mention to be collected EACH of the required keywords entered with a comma in a single line MUST appear in that mention. Hence, in our example, we have to create separate keyword lines for each required keyword variation (as the probability of appearing all the required keywords: “party”, “parties” “evening out” in one mention is low).


Find Your Perfect New Year’s Eve Plan

Find Your Perfect New Year's Eve Plan

When the grunt work is already done with your Internet motoring tool and all the relevant mentions are gathered in one place, the only thing you need to do to dot the i’s is a little bit of research. Before you do this, however, we would strongly recommend setting SPAM filter low, in particular when the scope of the obtained mentions is not too broad. The tool is designed to provide users only with the most crucial content from the Internet. It might happen, that some NYE offers are assigned as the SPAM category, but on this particular occasion you might want to see them.

Now you can play a bit like a DJ with the available filters options. For example, you can modify the search with the phrase filter located underneath the sources’ icons.

Find Your Perfect New Year's Eve Plan

Depending on what you want to include in or exclude from your spectacular New Year’s Eve night out, insert that item in the phrase filter field. Want to eat some “good food”, or listen to “live music”? Include it all here.

Important note:

If you use {NOT} before a phrase you’ll get only mentions that DO NOT include a given phrase. You can also add {OR} between phrases and you’ll get results that include ANY of given phrases. {AND} lets you get results that include ALL given phrases in a mention.

Dress up and Go!

With Brand24, we have found 1035 mentions that concern New Year’s Eve night out offers in London made during the past 30 days. A huge part of them have been shared via Twitter. Fancy checking out some of the most trending NYE offers? Organizing an event and looking for a smart way to invite New Year’s Eve parties enthusiasts? Or maybe writing a last minute article on the best ways to celebrate the NYE in your city or community? Why not saving your time and effort and giving a try to out free trial?

Dress up and Go!

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Happy social listening and a happy New Year!