The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes Over The Social Media – Is It Good or Bad?

Natalia Chrzanowska Natalia Chrzanowska
August 21, 2014 ・ 3 min read

The Ice Bucket Challenge reaches 140 million social media users daily!

The Ice Bucket Challenge have been recently one of the most trending topics in social media. Within last weeks, Internet users posted thousands of videos in which they poured a bucket filled with ice water on their heads and at the same time nominating next people to complete the challenge. The idea brings a lot of fun and it is all for a very good cause. By now, the ALS Association has gathered over $30 million! It is an impressive result, isn’t it? But it is not the over yet. People are still nominating each other and the Ice Bucket Challenge is going viral in a rapid pace. It is good from the charity perspective, however we want to present you the dark side of the campaign.

Scrolling your news feed you probably see plenty of videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge. It comes as no surprise, as people are posting at average over 15,000 mentions daily. Most of the videos can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We decided to search for those which went wrong. There are whole lot of them.

Yesterday, over 16k mentions which concerned the Ice Bucket Challenge were generated in social media. Those mentions reached approximately 140 million people. The chart below shows main sources of discussion about the Challenge. The first one is Twitter (53.1%). However, videos of people doing the IBC were generally posted on Instagram and YouTube. Twitter is mainly used for sharing videos and other contents and expressing opinions about the IBC as well.

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Opinions about the Ice Bucket Challenge are split up recently, but generally people are positive towards the idea. The are two main reasons why some people do not feel it. First one concerns the paradox of the whole campaign.

The second reason relates to the fact that some Internet users who have been nominated to the Challenge seem to not know how exactly do it. After watching some videos of the IBC fails it might look a little bit dangerous to complete the Challenge. Even the social media users are worried about consequences of the whole campaign.

You’ve probably seen one of the first video in which Bill Gates accepted the challenge and poured water on his head in a quite sophisticated but creative way. However, there were many Internet users who failed in completing the Challenge and did it less gracefully.

This boy overestimated his strength:

False start…

Cheater again:

This is how you should do it:

And this is what happens when you do not complete the challenge within 24 hours:

And here is the one more funny and less dangerous – taken by surprise:

Next time someone nominates you, take precautions against any accidents that may come. In conclusion, we want to present some witty and funny memes, created by social media users.

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