How does Collab Istanbul use Brand24 to manage their online presence?

Paulina Wałczyk
May 26, 2021
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Collab Istanbul, a Turkish lifestyle marketing agency, uses Brand24 to manage their online presence. They track keywords in real-time to see what clients are saying about them on social media.

Brand24 helped them collect daily data during a rumor about one of their brand's boss running for chairman of a popular sports club.

It adds incredible value by allowing them to track keywords and intervene in potential crises. Custom reports and PDF reports are the most valuable features for Collab Istanbul, enabling them to share important metrics with their clients.

1. About the client

Collab Istanbul

Collab Istanbul is Turkish lifestyle marketing agency. It segments the brands according to the living habits and sensitivity points of the target audiences in accordance with their positioning. It creates new, striking, catchy stories that will capture each target group. It makes the brand a center of attraction that offers traceable information and inspiration, especially on digital platforms.

Collab Istanbul creates and develops solutions that fit today's digital needs of meaningful, good and inspiring brands by reporting them.

2. Interview

What is the main usage of Brand24?

We use Brand24 to track our keywords, and to see what our clients say in social media about us in realtime.


What surprised you the most in media monitoring?

There was a rumour about  one of our brand’s boss. He was running to be a chairman in a popular sports club. There were a lot of mentions in that time. Thanks to Brand24, we created a filter for us and we could collect data daily.

What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use Brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

We use Brand24 to find online conversations.

Brand24 adds us an incredible value. With the help of the B24 we track every single keyword real time, and we can intervene the possible crisis before its too late. As a result, ROI of B24 is great for us.


What features do you find most valuable?

The most valuable features for us are custom reports and pdf reports. We can send pdf reports that contain the most important metrics to our clients.



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