How Brand24 Streamlined Operations and Boosted Efficiency for dfusion Agency

Waleria Pągowska
April 18, 2023
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dfusion is a marketing firm that specializes in public relations and provides an array of marketing services to diverse technology clients. Online monitoring is primarily used to examine brand, competition, and market trends, which enables the creation of comparative analyses, identification of targeted niche influencers, and tracking of advancements in the tech industry. In our conversation with Kamil Gołdy, we delved into how Brand24 streamlines agency operations, lessens the burden on employees and evaluates agency efficiency.

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Kamil Gołdy
Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion


dfusion is a digital marketing agency that focuses on public relations. It offers a wide range of marketing services to various clients in the technology sector. The main application of online monitoring is for studying brand, competition, and market trends. This data is used to generate comparative analyses, target niche influencers, and track developments in the technology industry.

During our discussion with Kamil Gołdy, Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion, we explored how Brand24 simplifies agency processes, reduces employee workload, and assesses agency productivity.

2. Problem

When managing large and complex projects, agencies need the ability to automate certain processes to operate efficiently.

To achieve this, dfusion has opted for advanced monitoring tools to gather and process large sets of data on the brands and industries it serves. The data is primarily used for the following:

> Monitoring the market and tracking trends in clients' industries

> Measuring client popularity

> Comparing competition results and internal data from different periods.

The choice of Brand24 was driven by the need for a tool that could deliver high-quality, real-time data. The monitoring data collected was later used as insights for further marketing and sales support activities during subsequent stages.

3. Solution

We spoke with Kamil about why he chose to use Brand24 and the various applications of our tool in PR.

Automatic data collection

Currently, the agency uses Brand24 to monitor popular consumer topics and niche industries or solutions with over 20 active projects. With the vast sources available on the platform, dfusion can effectively gauge the level of online conversations on even the most obscure topics related to networks, data centers, or cloud computing.

Moreover, the tool's filters allow for automatic mentions extraction, while the domain filter is utilized to sift out less significant sources. Additionally, the Influencer Score provides valuable insights for the largest projects focused on the most influential sources.

Some of filters available in Brand24 panel

The gathered and filtered information is then exported as customized Excel reports tailored to the client's specific requirements. Email summaries and personalized PDF reports are also available as automatic summaries.

PDF reports settings in Brand24 panel

The biggest advantage of Brand24 is the clarity of the interface. Among competitive SaaS products, you stand out in terms of user-friendliness and ease of use. The second huge advantage is the continuous development of the tool - I constantly see new features and improvements being added.

Kamil Gołdy

Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion

Trend monitoring

In our conversation with Kamil, we learned that the data collected by the tool is used not only for analyzing clients' brands and closest competitors but also for observing specific market segments and trends. The insights gathered this way are later delivered to clients through reports or published in a regular newsletter - dfusion insights.

TIP: A handy indicator that helps identify trends is the context cloud, which suggests the most commonly used words near the keyword. This way, the cloud suggests which other phrases are worth monitoring and what is being said about the researched keyword.

Context of discussion avaiable in Analysis Tab

Brand24 is a tool that shows us in real-time whether a discussion is taking place in one of the B2B projects we are monitoring, and if so, in what way and whether it is about specific solutions. Brand24 also helps us efficiently identify specialized opinion leaders or influencers.

Kamil Gołdy

Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion

Measuring efficiency

To measure its performance and keep the clients informed, dfusion relies on Brand24. The team generates monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports that evaluate its progress on each project. Reports incorporate various metrics, including the number of mentions, reach, and interactions. dfusion also compares its work with other brands to ascertain the effectiveness of its digital campaigns.

Example of data provided by Brand24

Kamil explains that the team analyzes the number of mentions to assess the popularity of a topic, evaluates the reach of phrases to determine whether they are niche or mainstream, and measures engagement levels to gauge the resonance of a topic on social media.

We look at the number of mentions, which shows the interest and popularity of a given topic. We also check the reach of phrases, which allows us to determine whether they are niche or have entered the mainstream. Engagement allows us to determine if the topic is resonating on social media.

Kamil Gołdy

Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion

Acquiring influencers

Today, influencers and internet creators are crucial elements of effective communication strategies. However, finding opinion leaders representing specialized environments or dealing with niche topics takes a lot of work. Here too, Brand24 comes to the rescue. Properly calibrated queries allow for the quick discovery of untapped areas.

TIP: You can find information about potential influencers for your brand in several places in our panel. First and foremost, check out the Influencers tab. If you need more than this information, go to the Top public profiles in the Summary tab.

Influencers tab in Brand24 panel

When proposing influencer collaborations to our clients, we pay attention first and foremost to the credibility and fit of the creator with the industry and topic. Thanks to Brand24, we can quickly identify opinion leaders in any, even the most niche, market segments.

Kamil Gołdy

Account Director & Head of Digital at dfusion

5. Recommendations

If you have clients in the public relations industry and are curious about how Brand24 can assist you, we have some suggestions:

> Along with brand monitoring, develop additional initiatives for analyzing competitors and the client's specific field. This approach will yield further insights that may have been missed otherwise.

> For the most engaging projects, integrate with Slack to keep up with new mentions.

> Set up automatic email reports with condensed project knowledge for less critical projects.

> Utilize the Influencers tab to efficiently identify potential influencers for clients, whether they are well-known or up-and-coming.

> Don't hesitate to create one project for multiple clients.


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