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Link building in SEO

In this case study you will learn how Semcore and Brand24 worked together.

SEO specialists visit a vast number of sites as part of their backlink outreach efforts. Spending hours on end browsing the web, they know it inside and out. But there is a growing need for tools that support SEO professionals in this ordeal. Today's case study will be about a lesser-known yet very effective form of backlink acquisition. Semcore is an SXO agency from Poland which uses Brand24, a media monitoring tool that tracks mentions across the web, and uses proprietary filters to find those of interest to you. 


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The Client

Semcore is the first SXO agency in Poland specializing in marketing strategies based on a combination of SEO and UX.

 Semcore is one of the most rapidly growing agencies of its kind in Poland. Their emphasis is on supporting clients holistically, from the first stages of project development, by connecting the customer experience with SEO. Marcin Stypuła attributes 30% of the agency's revenue to their link-building efforts. Additionally, Krystian Fijał – SEO & content specialist at Semcore – says that even in the context of their case study, when they did a competitive analysis, the site that had the most content was not one of the best.


‘If you have good know-how in link building, using it well can give you much more than a substantial amount of content. I believe that today it is much better practice to acquire links wisely than to be driven by the amount of content.’ - Marcin Stypuła, Owner at Semcore.

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The Objective

‘The amount of content is limited. Especially in the B2B market, you always reach such a ceiling. In link building this ceiling doesn't exist.’ Marek Rychter, Growth manager at Semcore.

Content marketing is evolving. Changes and adaptation of techniques are necessary due to, among other things, Google’s constantly updating its quality and SEO guidelines. Creating valuable content based on relevant keywords is currently the most popular technique that can help marketers secure a top place in Google search. However, content without traffic and links directing to the site is simply ineffective. That is why it is so crucial in the work of SEO specialists to take care of SEO through link building and combine and incorporate both techniques. 


How can we use a media monitoring tool in a marketing strategy then?

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The Solution

About 30% of Semcore profits come from link-building services. SEO specialists and marketing professionals alike agree about the essential role of link building in creating effective SEO strategies. ‘In marketing, we pay a lot of attention to leads and our action’s impact. We can see that if we don't focus so much on the link profile once every two to three months, it immediately reflects on traffic. It's one of the key things that can't be forgotten, as it risks losing more pieces of the puzzle’, says Marek Rychter.

Brand monitoring


Acquiring valuable links is much harder if the brand does not have an established position, positive reviews, and a good reputation. Reacting to negative comments and analyzing the presence score of a given company are critical for decisions on outreach. 




Analysis of the popularity of specific keywords


A key element in acquiring backlinks is outreach and looking for potential customers. Search volume is an essential indicator for this type of activity, but Brand24’s  Presence Score indicator additionally shows where the topic is being talked about, so the marketer has a ready-made list of sites to outreach right away, along with a prioritization suggestion. The conversion from outreach to mentions found in the tool was 5%.

‘To do this step, we search for various keywords, such as 'SEO,' 'website positioning.' We then monitor these words and search for articles in which they are included, and from which competitors are not linking. Articles acquired in this way generate high traffic,’ says Paweł Wołoszyn, Head of SEO at Semcore.




Using external indicators


In addition, it is helpful to use indicators such as Presence Score, which allows you to measure your brand's/theme's online presence (popularity) at a given time. It makes it possible to determine whether a key phrase has a place in link building campaign. 


Filters offer additional benefits in finding relevant articles:


- Mentions sentiment - with its help, we can filter out mentions in which the key phrase has been portrayed in a negative way;

- Importance filtering - the filter groups mentions based on source popularity, influence score, sentiment, and engagement (comments, likes, shares);

- Influencer Score - gives insight into which source or author has the most influence on social media or the web - the higher the number, the more popular the reference.


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The Conclusion

Link-building campaigns will grow in importance as long as there is space to do so, and so far, it doesn't promise to be otherwise.

Building your competitive advantage on link building campaigns seems to be an obvious direction for SEO development. Using the example of the fastest growing SXO agency in Poland, we can say that using the right tools for this streamlines the work and gives better results.


Web monitoring tools such as Brand24 help to gain better results and achieve high conversion from outreach. Thanks to the use of AI, SEO specialists' work has become more automated, contributing to significant time savings. Thanks to several filters, automatically generated reports or the constant adaptation of the tool to the needs of the market and new automation, specialists can even more precisely compare interest around specific topics. Thus, they can focus on the tasks for which their expertise is needed, and spend less time on tedious work like network research. 

Thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company,
Brand24 helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide.