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Top Twitter Analytics Tools For Companies Large and Small


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You’ve probably heard a lot of tips and tricks on how to be successful on Twitter. The frequency and timing of posting, replying and retweeting, preparing dedicated content… These are all important factors in boosting your Twitter presence. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to using a robust Twitter analytics tool that will gather and analyse all the necessary data. Here’s our list of top Twitter analytics tools for companies large and small. Let’s dive in!

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What Does Twitter Analytics Tell You?

Let’s start with the basics. Before you begin analysing the data, you need to know which metrics to follow.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the valuable data from vanity metrics – numbers that look good on the paper but don’t offer any essentials insights into your Twitter marketing strategy.

If set up right, Twitter analytics can be a powerful tool that will shape your Twitter marketing strategy. It will tell when to post, what to post and who your target audience is. The analytics tools will also take a look at the results of your paid campaigns and help scale the results to maximise benefits to your company. 

Key Metrics to Follow in Twitter Analytics

We’ve talked a bit about the pros of Twitter analytics. So let’s dig in and see which metrics exactly you should focus on to develop a bulletproof Twitter marketing strategy!

1. Audience

The first rule of successful communication states – know who you are talking to. The rule applies not only to Twitter but all social media channels.

Take a deeper look at variables such as:

  • age
  • gender
  • language
  • country of residence
  • income
  • education.

This will help you design content your audience want to see and engage with. That’s especially important when you’re present on many different social media platforms and are tempted to cross-post the same content. Your audience will get bored and abandon one of the channels if you don’t present dedicated content on each medium.

Moreover, you might identify social media platforms where you’re not active, but your audience is. That way you get a new platform to broadcast your message.

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2. Content

Twitter analytics will help you determine which content your audience find engaging and interacts with the most.

Twitter expanded the length of tweets to 280 characters, but the official recommendation still advises to keep the posts short and to the point.

Visuals tend to be a great addition as well, as Twitter data shows that people are three times more likely to engage with posts that include video or photos.

When it comes to content you should take a deeper look at metrics like:

  • social media interactions
  • estimated social media reach
  • social media shares
  • social media likes.

3. Timing

Tweets have the shortest lifespan in the social media world, that’s why it’s crucial to post at optimal times. This point is closely related to determining your audience preferences. If your audience is mainly in the States and your office in Asia, there’s no point in tweeting during your operating hours.

Another topic is the frequency of tweeting. Because of the short half-life, you can post on Twitter more often than on Instagram or Facebook. After some time of regular posting, your audience will expect a certain amount of content every day.

If you want to experiment with the posting times, keep a track of it in Twitter Analytics, so you can determine how your followers react to the changes.

4. Advertising

Social media managers usually follow the metrics related to advertising on social media platforms closely. Apart from cost per click and conversion rates, advertising analytics can help you determine the benchmarks for your posts.

Take a look at the worst and best-performing tweets and try to determine what to replicate and what to avoid. Emulate the best performing tweets and avoid the content your audience is not interested in.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools

So, you know what to track and why. Now it’s time to find out which Twitter analytics tools best suit your needs. You might find a combination of analytics engines the most useful, so feel free to combine Twitter analytics tools to gather the most helpful set of data. 

I tested many Twitter analytics tools and with clear conscience I can recommend those Twitter analytics tools:

  1. Brand24
  2. Native Twitter Analytics
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Mentionmapp
  5. Tweet Binder
  6. Union Metrics

All of them offer robust Twitter analytics that will give you the necessary insights to boost your Twitter presence and increase your social media ROI. 

1. Brand24

Surprise, surprise, we made our own list!

Brand24 is a social media listening tool that offers robust Twitter analytics. One of the most robust features of Twitter analytics is the ability to measure hashtag performance, which means you can stay up to date with interesting conversations and communities, as well as accurately assess the reach of your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you can take a look at the:

  • total number of results from Twitter;
  • estimated social media reach;
  • social media interactions;
  • social media shares;
  • social media likes;
  • the number of positive and negative mentions.
Print screen of Brand24 tool showing Twitter analytics metrics like the most popular mentions and number of results from Twitter

By analysing the combined data, Brand24 will also find the most suitable influencer for your next Twitter influencer marketing campaign.

Twitter analytics showing the most influential authors from Twitter for a given keyword generated by social media listening tool Brand24

The tool will also generate a list of trending hashtags you can use to boost your Twitter reach even further.

print screen from Brand24 showing the list of trending hashtags generated based on Twitter analytics

You can export all the data to a PDF report that can contain your logo.

Price: Brand24 starts at $49 and offers a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. 

Best for: anyone interested in strong hashtags performance and social media reach metrics and who would like to identify the best influencers for a successful Twitter marketing campaign.

2. Native Twitter analytics

Native Twitter Analytics is a perfect tool for beginners social media managers. It offers a bunch of great metrics that will help you step up your Twitter game, such as:

  • top Tweets;
  • top mentions;
  • engagement.

But the real value of native Twitter analytics is the demographic data. Twitter Analytics will help you determine precisely who your audience is and what type of content will suit their needs best. The tool lists all the necessary data, including:

  • interests;
  • occupation;
  • gender;
  • education;
  • marital status;
  • buying style.

Besides, with native Twitter analytics, you can benchmark the data against those available for all of Twitter, as well as predetermined audience groups.

print screen of native Twitter analytics report

Price: free

Best for: beginners social media managers who don’t want to invest in a paid Twitter analytics tool or as an addition to premium tools

3. Sprout Social

No listing of social media tools will be complete without Sprout Social!

Sprout Social offers a robust Twitter Analytics reports, which you could easily present to your higher management. The Twitter analytics tool will help you determine how every tweet performed, will help you find the subjects most often mentioned in connection with your brand and find new topics to spark engagement on your Twitter account.

print screen of Sprout Social leading Twitter analytics tool

What I find most useful is the feature that allows you to schedule, queue and to publish tweets. A shared publishing calendar gives you a clear overview of your marketing efforts.

Price: starts at $99, offers a 30-day free trial

Best for: Agencies who need to deliver social media reports to their C-class management and are looking for a robust social media management platform

4. Mentionmapp

Mentionmapp is by far my favourite Twitter analytics tool, mainly because it’s something completely different. It doesn’t generate boring reports with numbers.

Instead, Mentionmapp creates a mind map that presents connections between user profiles and hashtags that you’ve mentioned in the past.

print screen of Mentionmapps a Twitter analytics tool

You can filter the tweets and see only mentions, retweets or a retweet cloud with a coloured sentiment. Mentionmapp is a fantastic tool for displaying connections between different profiles and discovering new content.

Price: limited access for free, paid account starts at $9

Best for: everyone who would like to discover new interesting content

5. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder, apart from Instagram and Twitter analytics, offers services dedicated to events, like creating a social media wall with full moderation suite, as well as Twitter historical data and real-time hashtag monitoring.

It also identifies influencer accounts that will best suit your business.

print screen from Tweet Binder a Twitter Analytics tool

If you want to give Tweet Binder a spin, you can create a free report based on hashtags, @mentions or keywords. It’s a great way for beginners social media managers to see how Twitter can help you with effective Twitter marketing!

Price: starts at €79 a month

Best for: companies and enterprises that need real-time hashtag monitoring and are preparing an event where they need a social media wall.

6. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is another industry giant, providing tons of useful data and social media analytics. It’s a powerful social intelligence engine for marketers.

The tool allows you to:

  • determine the best content for Twitter
  • identify top times to post tweets
  • research trends to find ideas for new content
  • set benchmarks to see how your competitors are performing.

If you’re a newbie to social media and Twitter analytics game, Union Metrics offers some free tools as well.

A Twitter assistant will analyse your recent Tweets, and on this basis, will provide customized recommendations for what to do grow your engagement and followers’ count.

print screen of union metrics a Twitter analytics tool

The second free Twitter analytics tool offered by Union Metrics is a Twitter snapshot report. It’s a basic version of the paid tool and it offers:

  • an estimate of the size and scope of any Twitter conversation
  • a measure of potential reach and impressions;
  • identifying tweets that generated the most engagement;
  • a simple and elegant report you can share with your colleagues

Price: Paid Union Metrics tool starts at $23

Best for: For social media marketers looking for social intelligence tool to make informed decisions.

What Is The Best Twitter Analytics Tool

There’s no one answer to that question, as every one of us needs a bit different set of data. You have to choose a Twitter analytics tool that will provide you with the right insights and will help you grow your Twitter marketing strategy. The ideal next step in your Twitter strategy would be to draw the correct conclusions and reach your predetermined goals easily. 

But the success on Twitter has to start with the right Twitter analytics tool. 

What do you guys think about Twitter analytics tools? Would you like to add anything to the list? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, of course!


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