Open Positions

Role Salary

Customer Success Representative

City: Wrocław


Wordpress Developer

Salary: 7000 - 10000 PLN

City: Wrocław

7000 - 10000 PLN Details

Fullstack Developer - PHP/JavaScript with Wordpress

Salary: 7000 - 12000 PLN

City: Wrocław

7000 - 12000 PLN Details

Software Architect / Senior PHP Developer

Salary: 12000 - 15000 PLN

City: Wrocław

12000 - 15000 PLN Details


Progress is impossible without change. To help you make your mind, we have some benefits to whet your appetite.

Learn and Grow

Join one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Poland, have real impact on the product and take the chance develop your skills.

Private Health Care

There’s no need to wait days or hours to get to the public health services. At Brand24, we happily visit our private health care.

Great Team

We’re a group of humble, down to earth and hard-working people with interesting hobbies and even more interesting sense of humor.

Flexible Working Hours

In theory, we work 9 to 5. In practice, as long as you deliver your tasks on time, we’re cool with your flexible working hours.

Healthy Snacks

They say “a sound mind in a sound body”, but don’t worry -- we’re not fitness freaks. Our kitchen is always full of healthy snacks at your disposal. We also have beer and other healthy snacks of similar sort.

Trips and Integration Parties

From time to time, we like to make some legendary parties and trips that stay in memory for ever. You’re more than welcome to show us your party animal!

Paid Sick Leave

Feeling under the weather and need to take a few days off? No worries, you’ve got our support and plenty of time to get well.

Unlimited Coffee

Our coffee supplies should be considered a serious threat to the best coffee places in town. Fancy a cuppa?

Games And Fun

Every now and then we like to go out for a beer, go skiing or race some karts. One thing is sure -- you won’t get bored with us.