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Here's all the social listening goodness we have to offer:

Mentions Feed

Discover what people say about your brand & take action in real time. Engage discussions relevant to your business with one click of the mouse.

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Discussion Volume Chart

Identify sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your company image. Spot problematic issues before they escalate & maximize the potential of positive publicity you’re already receiving.

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Mention Analytics

Get a better understanding of who is talking about your brand online. Analyze buzz quality and quantity to gain new insights about your customers.

Influence Score

Pinpoint your industry influencers to make conscious decisions about who you should be working with.

Sentiment Analysis

Thanks to mention sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) you can get a better understanding of customer attitudes & spot problematic areas which need immediate attention.


Be the first to discover changes in the volume of discussion around your brand. Customize your alerts the way you need - as an example, you can get email or in-app notifications of negative mentions of your company from blogs with more than 300,000 monthly visits.

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Data Exporting

Turn your data into automated PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics. Process your mentions gathered with Brand24 so you can use them outside of the tool.

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Narrow down your results to focus on what is most important for you. You can filter by mention source, sentiment, number of visits, and many more.

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"I have been working with Brand24 since their Beta version and I continue to recommend their platform to clients today without hesitation. Its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform allows you to discover what people are saying about your brand anywhere online, in real time."

Patricia Cunningham,

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