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Why did you choose Brand24?

The tool’s website and list of capabilities and price point quickly put it to the top of my Internet monitoring tools list.

I signed up for a trial account and over the course of a few days transferred my queries and setup from our existing tool to Brand24 to see just how well it would hold up. The results were actually amazing.


I found that it picked up additional brand mentions that I wasn’t seeing before (reddit!) and the social media integration was an added bonus as we were paying for a separate tool to collect that data.



Within 30 days (well before the trial ended) I proposed we switch platforms and move to Brand24. It happened, I was happy and the company was saving money.


What happened next was a complete bonus and a value add I never expected. We finally started acting on brand mention data.

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What surprised you the most in media monitoring?

We quickly started picking up and building “influencer” lists of bloggers and related publishers that were actively and positively speaking about our brand.

Partnering with these types of influencers and publishers in the future is a vital part of any company’s digital strategy.




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How did Internet monitoring help you with building positive customer experience?

The negative commentary existed. We already knew it, but we weren't seeing all of it.

Now we had the opportunity to not only provide key teams within the company that information but also interact with the publishers or accounts who were commenting in a customer-service focused manner to iron out issues and solve problems. 


print screen of a negative comment from Brand 24 a social media monitoring tool


To this day this is one of the most strategic aspects of any digital marketing strategy I create. There is so much opportunity in engaging with unhappy customers. 

Some specific examples of the type of commentary we were able to act on were: customers who were unhappy with service, or maybe needed clarification on how services worked in their region. We were able to jump into conversations with them and assist them much quicker.

Leland Dieno

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Which feature surprised you the most?

A hidden gem with monitoring your brand's mentions is product or service feedback.

If you are selling services people out there are most likely talking about it online. You can collectively compile this "data" and provide it to your operations team to ensure that any efficiencies needed are corrected. 



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What is the ROI of media monitoring?

You learn how to create a process to utilize the data.

One of the most crucial things for any company utilizing a platform to monitor brand sentiment, commentary and anything in between is that operationally, you figure out how to create processes to utilize the data.

It's an ROI that is achieved over time, but I can guarantee  that there is too much opportunity to ignore it. 



Thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company,
Brand24 helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide.