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Why Omnisend Started Using Brand24 ?

Omnisend has been using Brand24 for 3 months. We catch up with Laura from Omnisend's Digital Marketing Team to ask how they are using Brand24.

There’s so much noise on the internet today. Between Tweets, articles, and a new email every 10 minutes, it can be hard to filter out the fluff. At especially at Omnisend, we encountered a real problem in tracking everything we were doing. As an omnichannel marketing automation SaaS company, we’re experiencing rapid growth. And a very pleasant side effect of that success is getting mentioned all across the web.


I’m not here to complain about it- au contraire. But the biggest issue our marketing team faced was keeping up with these mentions that kept cropping up every day. At Omnisend, we empower our marketers by unifying their channels and messages to one centralized platform. This is exactly what we needed to keep up with our mentions too. 


Our customer success team was tracking our reviews. Our SEO team was tracking our backlinks. Our social team was tracking social mentions and engagement. However, getting all three of those teams to agree on how far our brand had actually gone was another thing altogether.


We needed one centralized place where we could track everything in one go. We needed real data, instead of hazy estimations. We began using Brand24 in January of 2019. We thought we’d give it a go, since we’d not tested a brand monitoring or mention tool before.

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What Are The Most Important Metrics And Results You Get From Brand24?

''As it turns out, we’d heavily underestimated the mentions we’d been receiving. It was easy enough to track social mentions on each separate platform, but with our press releases and guest posting strategy, we were getting more brand awareness than we thought. What’s more, with Brand24, we were able to centralize all of those mentions into one platform so we could really see the extent of our campaign efforts.''

Mention Quality

Before we started using Brand24, we had a vague idea of the quality of our mentions, especially on social media. However, looking through each and every profile and measuring follow ratio and engagement would have been exhausting.


Now, with Brand24’s influencer score, we can see at a glance which of our followers and mentions are the most valuable in terms of how much engagement these accounts and sites have.



This has allowed us to target our content to reach those accounts that fall into our target market.


Positivity Benchmark

We’re lucky to work with an amazing company that our customers love. However, we wanted to check on negative mentions that were perhaps falling through the cracks.


Thanks to Brand24, we’re able to keep up on potentially negative comments and mentions across platforms. We take customer service very seriously at Omnisend, because we know that our customers make our company- period.



Luckily, we have yet to encounter a negative mention. Even luckier? We’ll be able to catch any if they happen with Brand24.



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How Often Press Releases Get Picked Up

We do a considerable amount of research at Omnisend, and publishing those results not only drives brand awareness for us, but it helps our customers make better marketing decisions.

Before, we had to guess and try to search for the data we included in our press releases. However, for news sites that don’t republish the press release as an exact match, this is a lot of time that could be spent doing more research.

With Brand24, we can measure how many of our press releases have been picked up and published in news sites across the web. The best part is that we just have to click a button to see them all.


The Impact of Partnerships on Mentions and Brand Awareness

Another big part of our 2019 marketing strategy at Omnisend is all about collaboration. Whether we’re writing influencer/expert roundups, or our CEO is recording a podcast, or we’re exchanging guest blogs, the central theme is about working together.


Before, we had to estimate the influencer quality of those with whom we partnered. We also had to rely on social mentions to notify us of when they shared content we participated in.

Now, with Brand24, we can keep on top of this strategy so much easier. We don’t have to bounce around to each platform to track our mentions, they’re all in one place.

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How We’re Applying What We’ve Learned

Influencer Outreach


We want our campaigns to reach the most people within our target markets. Thanks to Brand24, we can better track and determine which of our partners have the highest reach.


The influencer score also helps us with influencer outreach. We can now check our organic social mentions for those with the highest influencer score so we can reach out and propose collaboration.


Reaching out to influencers is hard enough, but knowing that they’ve already engaged with our content gives us a foot in the door, as we know that they’re already interested in what we’ve created.


Guest Blogging and Collaboration:


In the same vein as influencer outreach, Brand24 is helping us choose the potential partners that have similar audiences to ours. By being able to exchange guest blogs and other forms of collaboration, we’re able to create a win-win situation where we leverage each other’s audiences.


This kind of collaboration is invaluable to us, and we only want the best quality partners who are just as customer-centric as we are. Brand24 helps us find the perfect partners for those goals.


Repurposing and Extending External Content:


In seeing our social reach and our external content across the web, we can accurately measure which pieces of external content are performing the best. Internal content, or what’s published by us on our blog and social accounts is easy to track.


But as any social marketer knows, tracking the performance of external content can be a nightmare. Luckily, we can see just how much reach each piece of external content is getting on social media, without having to go into each individual post and look up the social accounts of who’s shared or liked it.


This helps us create better external content for future collaboration and teaches us which pieces our potential customers prefer.


Brand Awareness and The Press:


We mentioned before how difficult measuring external brand awareness is. Now, we can track every time a press release gets picked up, or statistics from our reports get mentioned.


Even better- we can now see which of our press releases were the most successful, and what kind of data our audience best responds to. This helps us know what data to choose for future content creation.


We released a press release in January that we thought didn’t get picked up as much as some of our previous press releases. In February, we launched another on Valentine’s day statistics to see if maybe releasing data around an event would create more buzz.


As it turns out, data released around events were what ecommerce marketers wanted to know about the most. Our February press release was picked up 42% more than January’s press release, confirming our overall hypothesis.


We would have never known that if it weren’t for Brand24.


In knowing exactly what data our current and future customers need is important to us. We want to provide quality content that will help our customers succeed with Omnisend- creating reports with the data that helps them do that is paramount


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Final Thoughts

While we haven’t been using Brand24 for more than just a few months, the results that we’ve had are significant.


They say knowledge is power- and by knowing exactly where our Omnisend stands in terms of brand awareness tells us if we’re going in the right direction. With the data we’ve taken from Brand24, we know that our aggressive marketing strategy for 2019 is working, and we know where we can do better.


Because after all, if you’re not striving to improve, you’re only moving backwards. Thanks to Brand24’s social and web monitoring, we can keep moving forward.

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