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"The biggest benefit of Brand24 is the time savings it brings."

Ola Szepaniak

Head of Marketing

“90% of the online data we need is collected here.”

Grzegorz Rzeźnik

Research and Innovation Manager

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Piotr Wójcik

Marketing Communication Manager at Mercedes-Benz Poland

“We sourced the data from a wide range of media we researched with the help of Brand24. On top of that, we had a solid reference to product features. In the end, we are proud of the results.”

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Hanna Milczarek

CMO at Cryptiony

”The data collected by Brand24 definitely helps improve our service because we monitor user opinions and suggestions.”

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Aleksandra Hołownia

Marketing Manager at Dealavo

”Sometimes, we wouldn't notice the potential in a given area if it wasn't for Brand24. It's not even about saving time. It's about discovering new opportunities.”

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A First-Class
Customer Service

We’re all about putting the customer first at our company, and here’s the proof.

I've reached out to customer support a few times over the years and they have been really quick to respond and helpful along the way.

Apart from the tool itself, I love their customer support. If they claim that they can suggest a new Netflix movie to watch, they take it seriously.

The support team are great and always on hand to help you get the stats you need from the platform.

Customer Support is also top notch. They constantly go an extra mile by giving hints and tips on how to use the tool better.

I found the customer service to be extremely responsive and helpful.

The staff are so friendly and ready to help in any way they can which is definitely under-appreciated nowadays! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brand24?

Brand24 is a powerful and comprehensive media monitoring and social media analytics tool designed to help businesses track and analyze their online presence in real-time.

Developed with cutting-edge technology, Brand24 enables companies to stay ahead in the digital landscape by closely monitoring their social media presence, brand reputation, and industry trends.

At its core, Brand24 acts as a sophisticated social listening platform, continuously scanning the entire web, including various social media channels, review sites, forums, blogs, and news sites. It analyzes mentions, online conversations, and keywords related to a particular brand or industry.

Collecting data in real-time from diverse sources provides a holistic view of the online sentiment surrounding a business, product, or service.

How does Brand24 help businesses?

Thanks to Brand24, businesses can gain valuable insights into their online reputation, customer feedback, and marketing efforts. They can make data-driven decisions to improve their products, services, and brand perception in the market. This social monitoring tool helps evaluate how people talk about your brand online.

Slack integration gives you access to online mentions about your brand or product directly from Slack, so you don’t miss anything.

What are Brand24's key advantages?

Social Listening

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor social media platforms, blogs, forums, news sites, and other online sources to capture mentions of specified keywords, hashtags, or brand names. With its social media listening features, you'll be able to find new customers, keep existing ones happy, and leverage the power of influencers.

Sentiment Analysis

The social media monitoring tool categorizes mentions as positive, negative, or neutral, giving insights into how people feel about the brand or topic.

With the Context of Discussion feature, you can detect the sentiment of the most popular words that appear with a monitored phrase. The colors from the word cloud will suggest whether the sentiment is neutral (grey), positive (green), or negative (red). Our Sentiment Analysis works for 100+ languages.

Social Media Analytics and Reports

Brand24 offers a range of social media metrics suitable for social media management. It provides data visualizations like PDF reports that help users understand trends, reach, and engagement related to their brand. With Sentiment Analysis, you can better understand your customers' attitudes and find the problematic challenges that require an instant reaction.

Influencer Analytics

Users can identify industry influencers or opinion leaders discussing their brand or niche. Track the performance of your influencers, monitor their Influencer Score, and measure the impact of their content.

Competitor Analysis

Brands can use Brand24 to perform advanced competitor analysis and measure their social media efforts. Track their competitors and compare their online presence and sentiment.

Brand Reputation

If you keep an eye on your Reputation Score, you can assess the effectiveness of your brand reputation management plan. Brand24 offers the additional benefit of measuring your brand awareness and brand sentiment.

Hashtag Analytics

With Brand24, you can track the engagement and mentions generated by your hashtag, including comments, likes, and shares. This provides a helpful way to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across social media platforms.

Powerful Analytics

Brand24 helps make sense of online conversations happening across different social media platforms. It analyzes your social media reach and provides useful features like Presence Score, Sentiment Analysis, Influence Score, Discussion Volume Chart, Mentions Feed, and PDF reports.

What's the price of Brand24?

At Brand24, we understand that each user has unique needs, which is why we offer various pricing options. Find the perfect plan based on the needs you're looking for:

  • Individual Plan - $79 per month, 3 keywords, 1 user, billed yearly
  • Team Plan - $149 per month, 7 keywords, unlimited users, billed yearly
  • Pro Plan - $199 per month, 12 keywords, unlimited users, billed yearly
  • Enterprise Plan - $399 per month, 25 keywords, unlimited users, billed yearly
How can I submit a Brand24 review?

To share your experience with Brand24 and help others make informed decisions, consider leaving a Brand24 review on highly regarded platforms such as G2, Capterra, SoftwareAdvice, or other similar review websites. Your valuable insights can make a significant difference for potential users looking for an exceptional social media monitoring and analytics tool.