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Discover the cutting-edge AI-based solutions of Brand24 and save time
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AI Insights

Get actionable insights and personalized suggestions for your brand growth.

With just one click, you can get a thorough report about your brand. The AI functionality converts raw Brand24 data into practical guidance for improvement.

Brand Assistant

Breakthrough AI-powered personal assistant.

Chat with the Brand24 Artificial Intelligence and ask questions about your brand health, mentions, data analysis, and much more. Save time by using your AI aide to do the research for you and come up with instant knowledge.

Sentiment Analysis​

Discover the emotions behind your collected mentions (positive, negative or neutral).

AI-based sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for people who want to dig deeper and understand the emotions connected with collected mentions.

Influencer Analysis

See the percentage share of the most influential authors in discussions on social media.

Find brand ambassadors, influencers, and other interesting profiles you can use in your brand strategy. See what the top contributors have to say about your products.

Topic Analysis

Discover the most important topics and trends in your projects.

Use the AI to check on the most popular conversations and get trend-based insights.

Anomaly Detection

Explore the chart to quickly understand the reasons behind the spike in coverage or mentions.

The AI-powered anomaly detector investigates the sudden spikes in mentions and quickly analyzes the cause, giving you valuable insights.

Why use AI in
social listening?

AI gives you leverage over your competitors, giving you actionable insights and providing additional data.


AI-powered solutions of Brand24 work in the background, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Instead of manually analyzing thousands of mentions you can use Artificial Intelligence to work for you.

Actionable insights

Brand24 not only gathers raw data but, thanks to AI, can also give you actionable insights. The advanced features analyze the data to provide you with action points for further work.

Automated workflow

Brand24 is easy to set up, and once you do it, you can rely on the AI solutions to work for you. Use tools like automated AI Insights to get work done faster and more efficiently.

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