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Hashtag Tracking

Hashtag monitoring

Track relevant hashtags across all major social media platforms, forums, news sites, podcasts, and more.

Manage hashtag campaign

Track and analyze contests and campaigns based on hashtags. Find top influencers and measure the social media reach.

Discover hashtag popularity and performance

Count the number of posts / tweets for a specific hashtag. Analyze hashtag performance for X (formerly Twitter).

Get quick reports and export the data

Use Brand24 to quickly generate downloadable reports with raw data and/or actionable insights. Find trending hashtags, analyze the hashtag usage, and get hashtags-related insights in our custom reports.

Hashtag Analytics

Analyze hashtags

Analyze and optimize hashtag-based campaigns. Find influencers that use related hashtags and get hashtag suggestions.

Estimate social media reach

Use Hashtag Tracking to find your estimated Social Media reach. Access the most influential social media profiles using specific hashtags.

Easy to use dashboard

Leverage our practical dashboard to browse, filter, & analyze posts containing tracked hashtags. Search through the noise to find the posts that matter the most. Access our built-in influence filters, sentiment filters, and much more!

Why does it matter?

Posts on X (formerly Twitter) that include 1-2 related hashtags have more chance of being reposted.
Search Logistics
The average number of hashtags per post on Instagram.
Fanpage Karma
125 M
Hashtags are used daily on X (Twitter).

AI-Powered Hashtag Analytics

Track and analyze all branded hashtags with one tool. Brand24 offers AI-based analytic tools for your business. Start the free trial to discover all hashtag monitoring options.

Join brands that monitor media all around the world and see what our tool can do for you!

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Comprehensive Reports

Easily generate personalized reports for any given time range. You can have them sent to your email, or use them with third-party tools.

Market Research

Maintain customer-centric approach, identify growth opportunities, make more informed decisions, and keep an eye on market trends.

Competitive Analysis

Grab tons of insights by tracking competitors. Get to know what their customers think about them, or what marketing tactics they use.

Online Reputation Management

Raise brand awareness and reputation and always be the first to know what, how, and where on the internet people are talking.

Customer Feedback

Be up to date with all mentions of your business and quickly solve your customers' problems or calm down troublesome discussions.

Backlinks Checker

Turn unlinked mentions into valuable backlinks. Take your link-building strategy to the next level and improve your outreach efforts.