Comprehensive Reports For Marketing & PR Teams

Easily generate personalized reports for any given time range. You can have them sent to your email, or use them with third-party tools.

Turn Real-Time Data Into
Custom Report

All dashboard insights are automatically added to your report, and additional personalized data can be added manually.

The most important data you will get included:

- summary of mentions
- chart of the number of mentions
- mention coverage graph
- chart of mentions reach beyond social media
- number of mentions per category
- numerical summary

and much more!

Advanced Reports Ready to Use

PDF Reports

Stop wasting your time writing reports! Let our tool do it for you, never missing a single insight or mention. Use the data for presentations within your company, clients or coworkers.

E-Mail Reports

Don't have time to visit the Brand24 dashboard every day? You can get daily or weekly reports directly to your email, along with key mentions and data from the past week.

Excel Reports

Excel reports are useful for data processing and generating additional statistics. They can be opened in third-party tools for complete processing freedom.

Why does it matter?

of marketers use their reports to show how campaigns are directly impacting revenue.
leading marketers say their companies use data to support decision-making at all levels.
Think with Google
Leading marketers are 1.6X as likely to believe that open access to data leads to higher business performance.
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Create Reports
in a Few Clicks!

Easily create comprehensive reports for any specified timeframe. From now on, you can precisely present the results and decide what your report will look like! All in just a few seconds!

Join brands that monitor media all around the world and see what our tool can do for you!

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    Across big, medium, and startup companies and a wide range of industries like technology, marketing, or retail.
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