Protect your online reputation with a social listening tool

88% of people look for opinions online before making a purchase. Find your brand mentions and make sure your online presence supports your sales.

Simply enter keyword or hashtag in Brand24 and collect critical online mentions in real-time.

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What is social listening?

Basically, it is the practice of monitoring public online conversations to access key insights about your brand, industry, competitors or any other topics that may be of interest to your business.

Brand24 as a social listening tool allows you to get instant access to brand mentions across social media, videos, news, blogs, forums, newsletters and more. Try for free and check what people talk about your business online!


Never miss a customer’s mention again

Follow up and strengthen positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to dissatisfied customers before they turn into real crisis situation.

Track your brand & hashtags in real-time

Get instant alerts as well as weekly updates with crucial mentions of your most important keywords.

Protect your reputation

Find negative comments. Get storm alerts, find fake news, and detect instantly a potential crisis.

Measure your marketing / PR efforts

Track reach & engagement of your mentions. Learn how many people talked about your new campaign or press release.

Analyse sentiment

Learn from AI-based data about positive, negative and neutral mentions.

Compare with competitors

Calculate your presence score. Measure your reach & sentiment over time and compare to competitors.

Turn data into insights & insights into action

Track and analyze unique data across the web. Measure your brand awareness and reach.

Advertising value equivalency

Learn who, where and when used your mention. We will calculate how much your reach is worth.

Influencer score

Identify the most influential authors active in your niche.

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Why Brand24?

How Brand24 stands out from all the other brand monitoring tools.

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You're in good company

We work with thousands of brands from over 110 countries.

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World-class customer support

Customer service is not just a department, it is the philosophy behind our entire company.

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What are people saying?

See why thousands of companies of all sizes use Brand24 to grow their businesses

I've been working with Brand24 since their beta version and I continue to recommend their platform without hesitation. Its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tool allows you to discover what people are saying about your brand in real time.
Patricia Cunningham

Account Manager in Barker NYC

I've been using Brand24 for the last few years and it is by far
the best monitoring tool on the market.
I’ve compared it against others and they don’t even come close.

Sujan Patel

Founder at MailShake, Growth Marketer & Entrepreneur

I love the Brand24 tool. In addition to be able to see all mentions of my name and brand online, it also provides me the opportunity to get notifications on other brands and keywords I want to follow.

Melonie Dodaro

Social Media Expert & CEO of Top Dog Social Media

At Uber, we use social listening on a daily basis, which allows us to understand how our users feel about the changes we’re implementing. As soon as we introduce a modification, we know which parts of it are greeted with enthusiasm, and which need more work.
Krzysztof Radoszewski

Marketing Lead, Central & Eastern Europe at Uber

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Still not convinced? Generate PDF brand report for free!

Take a look at an example report

Take a look at an example report

Automatically generated PDF report, ready to forward to your client or supervisor.

Your brand's reach, mentions volume, and discussion summary. All in one place.

Analyze most popular mentions, most influential sites, trending hashtags, and much more on easy-to-read charts.


It’s easy to get started

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