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Use a social listening tool to gather mentions about your brand, protect your reputation and detect new sales opportunities. Listen to your customers and make them feel important!

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What is social listening?

What is social listening?

With a social listening tool like Brand24 you can monitor and analyze publicly available online conversations to access key insights about your brand, your industry your competitors… or any other topics that may be of interest to your business.

Even if your brand is not tagged there!

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5 Ways How Social Listening Can Help You Grow

1. Protect your reputation

1. Protect your reputation

Your business positive online reputation is a key to successful selling. Why? 80% of consumers do research or ask online before making a buying decision

Make sure what they find online about your company will encourage them to buy.

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2. Find new customers

2. Find new customers

Every day thousands of people look for recommendations online. Many of this requests remain unanswered. This is a perfect opportunity to use social listening to find potential customers and reach them when they want you to reach them.

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3. Analyze your marketing results

3. Analyze your marketing results

With mention analysis you can easily measure how your audience reacts to your marketing efforts.
- How many people you reached?
- Which social platforms they use?
- How many mentions are positive?
- What do they say about your competitors?

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4. Find marketing insights

Learn more about your customers and improve your marketing communication and your product. Be where your customers are and learn what they like and dislike. Analyze discussions about your brand and your products and turn this knowledge into action!

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5. Boost your influencer marketing

5. Boost your influencer marketing

By monitoring most important keywords in your niche, you can identify most influential authors on social media. Talk to them and engage them to spread the word about your awesome brand!

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Why Brand24?

Patricia Cunninhgam, ACCOUNT MANAGER


I have been working with Brand24 since their Beta version and I continue to recommend their platform to clients today without hesitation. Its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform allows you to discover what people are saying about your brand anywhere online, in real time.

Use unique features of Brand24 to improve your results

✔️ Advanced Hashtag Tracking

Learn which hashtags are the most popular among your audience. Analyze them by countries and platforms.

✔️ Sentiment Analysis

Measure social media reach and number of positive or negative mentions to find emotional opinions!

✔️ Daily Reports and Storm Alerts

You'll be notified whenever your mentions reach will suddenly increase so you won't miss any important discussion about your brand.

✔️ Data Exporting

Report your results immediately and share them with your team by one-click data export in XLS or PDF

✔️ Influencer Score

Miss Klout? With our Influencer Score you'll easily find influencers in your sector.

✔️ Mention Filters

Got a lot of mentions? Filter them by sentiment, country, influencer score, number of visits and other metrics to find only most relevant opinions!

Loved by startups and enterprises alike

More than 3100 companies from over 100 countries listen to their audience in social media using Brand24.
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Ian Cleary, Founder


Brand24 is one of the best social media monitoring tool.

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