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What is it all about?

The Top 100 Marketing Influencers Report 2022 by Brand24 is the annual party (ok, we had a little covid break, but we’re back!) of the most influential marketing, SEO, social media, content, strategy and data experts in the whole world.

Based on our social media monitoring tool, we selected and measured who’s:

  • Creating the most buzz
  • Delivering the most engaging content
  • Generating the biggest number of mentions

Why do you need the Top 100 Marketing Influencers Report 2022?

With the ever-growing world of digital marketing, it's hard to keep up. But don't worry! We've got your back with this top 100 digital marketing influencers list. Take some time and dig through this list as a source of inspiration — you'll never run out of creativity with these people around 🙂

Follow these people!

They really know what they’re talking about. It’s worth simply following them and learning by example

Dig into valuable content

Read their blogs, watch their videos, and download their ebooks. It’s smart, it’s inspiring, and it’s free!

Find partners,
experts and mentors

Whether you're looking for a digital agency, consultant, partner or mentor, you're in a good place to start.

While waiting, check out our previous editions!

Who’s Brand24?

Brand24 is one of the best tools for monitoring the Internet, with particular emphasis on social media. It is the fastest way to reach the discussions about your brand, product or the topic you are interested in. Brand24 is a new channel of communication with customers, which will support sales and strengthen the positive image of your company on the Internet.

With Brand24, you will:

  • Identify the top and most active public profiles that match your business niche
  • Discover influencers’ reach, the share of voice, and influencer score
  • Keep track of what people are saying about you and your brand (and product or service) by monitoring relevant keywords online

Project Coordinators

Alicja Mękarska

Alicja is responsible for ensuring that Brand24's social media channels are always up-to-date and engaging. She also manages our Partner Program. In her belief, authentic partnerships can help every business thrive.

Alicja Mękarska

Justyna takes care of all Brand24's marketing processes and campains, including this report. She believes that great content and data are the best tools to create engaging communication.

Who are the best digital marketing experts?

Discover top online marketing influencers and learn from the best


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