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Join our marketing Partner Program and receive up to 30% commission on all payments for paying customers you refer to our platform.

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Easy money withdrawal

Withdraw your money with one click in your Partner Panel.

Dedicated partner panel

View your performance and track referrals on earned commission through a dedicated panel.

Early access to updates

Acquire constant updates on product releases in our monthly newsletter.

Exclusive support

Receive professional support, informative tutorials, and a dedicated Program Buddy.

Recurring commission

Get up to 30% recurring commission for customers you refer to Brand24.

Promo materials

Access marketing materials that will help promote our tool.

Partner tiers

Unlock different tiers based on the number of customers you refer to us.

Co-marketing benefits

We will reward your accomplishments as you progress in our program.

Tiered commissions

Unlock new benefits and earn more money with our tiered commissions as you promote Brand24.



0-4 paid customers



5-7 paid customers



8+ paid customers

Effortless payouts and an industry leading product. My experience with Brand24's partnership program has been exceptional.

Adam Connell

Founder, Blogging Wizard

How to become a Brand24 Partner?

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Which partner program is right for you??

Who can benefit?


Are you a content creator with a loyal following? Get rewarded for spreading the word about our tool!


  • content creators
  • marketers
  • bloggers
  • website owners
  • influencers
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Are you a Brand24 power user? Grow your income by recommending our tool to clients looking for a social listening solution.


  • agencies
  • software houses
  • consultants
  • existing customers
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Are you a marketing educator seeking an inspiring partnership? Let's work together and achieve great things!


  • educators and trainers
  • creators on e-learning platforms
  • marketing experts running courses
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We promise to give you everything you need to achieve success - support, knowledge, tools, and product with magical powers.

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Frequently Asked Questions​


Why become a Brand24 partner?

As a partner, you can promote a top-notch social listening tool that helps thousands of companies to monitor their mentions. Also, you can improve your lead-generation skills, strengthen client relationships, generate additional revenue, and become a leader in social listening. We are looking for digital marketing partnerships that will help us achieve business goals and reach a broad target audience. We already cooperate with individuals and agency partners. So, if you're interested in new co-marketing opportunities, join our partner program now!

Do I need to be a Brand24 customer?

We recommend you try using Brand24 to see if you like our platform and ensure that it works for your audience. However, it is not a requirement to be a Brand24 customer to become an affiliate.

Does it cost anything?

Our Partner Program is free for everyone. You’ll get rewarded for referring new customers.

What is the program's commission rate and structure?

The commission structure for Brand24 is tiered and based on the number of paid customer referrals. You can earn from 20% up to 30% recurring commission for life for every customer you help discover Brand24.

The tiers are:

  • Bronze (0-4 paid customers) with a 20% recurring commission 
  • Silver (5-7 paid customers) with a 25% recurring commission
  • Gold (8+ paid customers) with a 30% recurring commission

To learn more about our benefits and tiers, please refer to our comprehensive guide that provides all the details.

How do payments work?

All payments are made through PayPal and Stripe. We typically pay out on the 13th of each month.

What is the process of link tracking?

Cookies track referral links and last for 90 days after someone clicks on them.

Can I run ads as a partner?

You can NOT run any ads—branded keywords (e.g., Brand24, and non-branded (e.g., social listening tool).

According to our Partner Program Agreement, promoting Brand24 via search engines driving traffic directly to is prohibited. You can read more about banned actions in the Partner Program Agreement. Any partner that goes against our terms and conditions will be removed from our program.

Who's the best fit for Brand24's Partner Program?

Discover which of our partner programs suits you the best:

Affiliate Partner Program

If you are a content creator with a loyal following, the Affiliate Partner Program is specifically designed for you. This program is perfect for publishers, bloggers, website owners, and influencers who want to promote Brand24's social listening tool to their audience.

As an Affiliate Partner, you can earn rewards for each new customer who purchases through your unique referral link. To succeed in this program, you should have a strong online presence, a genuine interest in the saas industry and mar-tech companies, and a loyal following who trusts your recommendations. Understanding your audience's needs and how the Brand24 tool can help them achieve their goals is also essential.

Referral Partner Program

Suppose you're already a Brand24 power user. In that case, the Referral Partner Program might be the perfect fit for you, especially if you're interested in agency programs, strategic partnerships, or expanding your service offerings. As a Referral Partner, you can earn a commission for every new customer you refer to Brand24, which can help boost your revenue share.

This program is designed for existing customers, software houses, consultants, eCommerce companies, and marketing agencies.

To succeed, you must deeply understand Brand24 and its capabilities. It would help if you also had a strong network of clients or contacts who could benefit from using the tool. It's essential to communicate the tool's value to your audience and be responsive to their questions and concerns.

If you need sales training, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and materials.

In summary, there are too many benefits to partner marketing for businesses to ignore it. Joining our program is an excellent opportunity for companies seeking new marketing partnership opportunities or who want to expand their service offerings. It's also perfect for anyone wanting to earn a commission by recommending a tool to help clients gather smarter insights and streamline their business processes.

E-Learning Partner Program

This program is tailor-made for marketing trainers, educators, and online course creators interested in partnering with a powerful marketing automation platform.

We seek experienced marketers enthusiastic about exploring new marketing partnerships and revenue streams. To thrive in our E-Learning Partner Program, you'll need to understand the benefits of social listening deeply. You must also integrate the tool into your content seamlessly and provide your audience with the necessary knowledge to get the most out of it.

How to get the best results as a Brand24 Partner?

If you're new to affiliate and partner marketing, you may wonder how to get the traffic going.

To give you a hand, we gathered some simple ideas to get the best results as a Brand24 Partner. Enjoy!

Write a product review

Reviews are powerful. 93% of customers read reviews online before purchasing a product. Your reviews can generate traffic and increase your authority in the industry by providing value and expertise.

If you want the best results as a Brand24 affiliate, one great way to do that is by writing a product review in which you talk about our features and benefits. This will help educate your audience on what Brand24 can do for them and help you convert more readers into customers.

Not sure what to include in a review? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • What problems did the product or service successfully solve?
  • Did it meet your expectations?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • What are your favorite features?

Create a video tutorial

Video content is highly popular, and incorporating it into your partnership marketing strategy can yield significant benefits. To create a successful campaign, consider using full video marketing campaigns that showcase the brand and its offerings. Detailed video analytics can help you track the performance of your videos and make informed decisions to improve their effectiveness. To ensure that your videos are easily discoverable, it's crucial to implement SEO tactics to increase their visibility on search engines.

If you want to offer client education in your exclusive content, you can introduce Brand24 and explain how it can help many businesses manage their online reputation. You can also go into detail about the tool's different features and show how to use it. 

Make sure to add your affiliate link in the description of your video to uncover new revenue opportunities and support your growth journey.

Include Brand24 as a part of the listicle

Comparison articles and listicles are very successful content pieces in the affiliate space. Like reviews, they can increase your web traffic and authority and help generate more clients and qualified leads.

Comparison articles are a well-organized collection of notes on two or more products or services. They provide readers with the necessary information to make informed purchase decisions.

Promote Brand24 through newsletter

You may have heard that email is the most efficient online marketing channel. This simple fact makes leveraging email marketing in your partnership marketing strategy reasonable.

To create effective email newsletters that promote Brand24, be sure to:

  • Start with a catchy headline that will grab your readers' attention
  • Write clear and concise copy that explains the benefits of using Brand24
  • Use images and videos to illustrate how Brand24 can help businesses grow online
  • Include a solid call to action encouraging readers to sign up for a free trial

Repurpose your existing content

It is tough to create new content continuously, but existing content often only reaches its full potential in just one go. Please make the most out of your content by repurposing it to work over several platforms.

Use this technique to increase your affiliate sales by reaching a larger audience and getting the attention of followers you missed the first time around.

Here are some examples of how to repurpose your content:

  • Create interactive content like an infographic based on the key takeaways of a blog post.
  • Cut your YouTube video into chunks and make a mini-series of short-form videos on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Use key quotes from a blog post to create unique images for your social media profiles.
  • Create an ebook that combines the content from several related blog posts or landing pages.
  • Write a guest post on an external site.