MailerLite: Maximizing Brand Impact and Community Engagement

Waleria Pągowska
December 12, 2023
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Brand24 has emerged as a crucial asset for MailerLite under Lay's guidance, pivotal in monitoring and safeguarding the company's brand reputation. This tool has facilitated the building and maintenance of robust relationships within their community, contributing significantly to their brand image and customer engagement.

Moreover, Brand24 extends its utility by providing in-depth analytics and insights into the effectiveness of MailerLite's marketing campaigns. This feature is especially valuable during critical times, such as product launches or promotional periods. By analyzing data and feedback, MailerLite can assess the reach and impact of its marketing efforts, allowing for a more informed and strategic approach to campaign planning. This data-driven strategy enables MailerLite to continuously refine and adapt its marketing techniques, ensuring they remain effective and resonate with its target audience.

Brand24 has become an indispensable tool for MailerLite, not only in protecting and enhancing its brand reputation but also in offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making in its marketing efforts.


surge in the brand's visibility


boost in social media reach

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Lay Kuen Y.
Community Lead at MailerLite


MailerLite is a marketing and email automation platform that helps people grow their audiences and build their businesses online using a wide range of tools, including newsletter and website builders, email automation, and AI content generation. With user-friendly design and automation capabilities, MailerLite enables its customers to attract new leads, create personalized email newsletters, and track subscriber and campaign performance.

Lay Kuen Y.,  the Community Lead for MailerLite, manages brand reputation, advocacy, and referrals. Her primary focus is to nurture a community of “MailerLiters” who feel empowered to have a dialog and share their feelings about the products and services.

Brand24 has been highly valuable for our brand monitoring to ensure every customer is heard. I appreciate the different features, especially the reporting, which summarizes vast amounts of data into actionable insights I can use to address customer comments.

Lay Kuen Y.

Community Lead at MailerLite

2. Use Cases of Brand24

Building relationships

MailerLite uses Brand24 to build stronger relationships actively. They also use Brand24 with a Slack plugin to monitor their online reputation. For Lay and her team, customer satisfaction is the priority, and hearing from people is of utmost importance. It’s not just another brand mention! It’s real people sharing their thoughts that will help MailerLite improve. Lay and her team reach out with gratitude when referenced in a blog post or elsewhere. The main goal is to create lasting connections with everyone who engages — both customers and potential customers.   

One remarkable aspect of MailerLite's approach is that it positively impacts smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. When a big brand like MailerLite actively engages, it's a pleasant surprise because people often don't necessarily expect a response from a larger company. This personalized method builds strong bonds, nurtures potential brand advocates, and generates enthusiasm.

These personal interactions are valuable for their insights, but many can also be used as testimonials to strengthen social proof and trust. In the future, MailerLite plans to create a focus group with these advocates, allowing them to share their insights and experiences. Some advocates have already been vocal about their support and sharing their experiences, which has been incredibly helpful for her brand's growth.

We employ Brand24 to establish stronger relationships. Instead of merely observing our brand mentioned somewhere, we proactively engage.

Lay Kuen Y.

Community Lead at MailerLite

Analyzing results of marketing efforts

MailerLite uses Brand24 for other crucial purposes:

  • Analyzing the results of their marketing efforts
  • Comparing different periods
  • Evaluating the success of their marketing campaigns 

For example, Lay examines the data during special occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comparing it to previous years when these campaigns weren't run. This analysis helps them understand the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and make informed decisions about running similar campaigns in the future.

MailerLite's screenshots from 2021 and 2022, showing the increase in Presence Score

The primary focus is on significant moments, such as holidays or times when their target audience is most active. These periods serve as valuable benchmarks for assessing their monthly performance. An illustrative example shared in the interview relates to their experience with Black Friday. In a 33-day campaign, they vigilantly monitored their brand's presence, witnessing noteworthy growth. A staggering 20% surge in the brand's visibility occurred within a mere month!

Simultaneously, their social media reach experienced a significant boost, expanding by an impressive 169% during the same period. Moreover, their brand received numerous mentions across various platforms, and most of these mentions conveyed a positive sentiment. This prompted a more informed approach to upcoming holiday campaigns.

With the help of Brand24, we could see that our brand received substantial mentions across various platforms, with predominantly positive sentiments. This data helps us see patterns and trends, making it easier to monitor our brand's reputation.

Lay Kuen Y.

Community Lead at MailerLite

Online reputation management

Brand24 is also used for online monitoring. In the vast online world, pinpointing specific information sources can be challenging. It's an ample space, and finding the exact origins of changes or mentions can be tricky. However, when monitoring their brand, Brand24 proves valuable by filtering out the noise and highlighting essential mentions.

Mailerlite stresses the importance of filtering the many mentions they collect because not all are worth their attention. They mainly focus on finding two or three significant blog posts each week, particularly interested in podcast mentions, blog posts, and news articles. This approach helps them prioritize the most crucial sources of information for their roles.


It's useful to see trends and patterns emerge, particularly when it comes to brand monitoring. Brand24 helps filter out the noise and highlight significant mentions, which is invaluable.

Lay Kuen Y.

Community Lead at MailerLite

3. Recommendations

Do you want to implement Brand24 in your company? Here are five tips you may find helpful:

  • Proactive Engagement: Don't just watch for brand mentions. Actively engage when your brand is discussed. Building strong connections across various online platforms can benefit your brand and create brand advocates.
  • Use Connections for Testimonials: The relationships you build are more than just personally satisfying. They can also be used for testimonials, making your brand's marketing more trustworthy.
  • Analyze Results: Employ online monitoring tools to analyze the results of your marketing efforts. Compare data from different periods, especially during significant moments like holidays, to make informed decisions about future campaigns.
  • Focus on Key Moments: Concentrate on critical periods, such as holidays or when your target audience is most active, as they provide valuable benchmarks for assessing your performance.
  • Filter and Prioritize: Brand24 helps filter out irrelevant information and highlight important mentions. Focus on finding two or three significant blog posts each week, with a particular interest in podcast mentions, blog posts, and news articles, to prioritize your attention effectively.


You can do all of that with the help of Brand24!


Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

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