What is Brand24?

And other frequently asked questions.

About Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool with powerful analytics. It monitors the length and breadth of the Internet in search for the keywords you provide. Some of the sources include:

– Websites
– Blogs
– News sites
– Review sites
– Video descriptions 
– Podcasts 
– Newsletters
– Social media platforms

The tool offers analytics that help in the assessment of performance of monitored keywords. This data can be used in many areas of digital marketing and online presence of a business, such as:

– Brand reputation
– Marketing 
– Influencer marketing 
– Market research

– Consumer insights

– Public relations

Some of the most important features include: 

– Sentiment analysis

– Hashtag monitoring

– Trending hashtags

– Top public profiles 

– Most influential sites 

– Context of discussion

– Metrics of reach

– Metrics of engagement 

– Metrics of volume 

– Filters

– Email reports 

– Excel export 

– Project comparison

– PDF reports

– Influencer score

– Boolean search 

– Slack notification 

– Email notifications

– Email reports

– Event management and marketing

No, however, it offers a free, 2-week trial period without the necessity of connecting your credit card. You can start it here.

We have four simple pricing plans:

– Individual at $49

– Team at $99

– Pro at $149
– Enterpise at $249

Learn more about what they offer.


When it comes to sources, Brand24 collects publicly available data from: 

– Websites

– News sites 

– Blogs

– Discussion forums

– Social media platforms

– Review sites

– Podcasts

– Video descriptions 

– Newsletters 

To some extent. In general, no matter what they say, Web and media monitoring tools provide limited access to historical data. Although you might find it to some extent inside Brand24, we prefer not to make false promises. 

Of course. There are two ways to export your data:

– PDF report 

– Excel file


Contact them at help@brand24.com, or click the chat cloud in the bottom right corner of wherever you are in Brand24. First of all, you should know that our people at Customer Support are legends at what they do. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no time zone inconvenient enough to keep them from helping you.

Not really. Maybe in the future.