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Protect your online reputation

Follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you.

Automated sentiment analysis

We use advanced sentiment detection to segment positive, negative and neutral mentions.

Instant notifications

Get instant alerts for negative mentions and engage key conversations before it’s too late.

JennyT 47.7K Followers
20 min ago
Just visited Tessaro's Restaurant in Chicago. Excellent food, wonderful ambiance and great service!
Robert J.
6 h ago
Dishonest service. The room was fine, however, the restaurant brought our starters and left us sitting for an hour before telling us they didn't have one of our meals. Disappointing experience.

Improve customer satisfaction

Track & engage online reviews, social media mentions, blogs, message boards, news sites and much more.

Get to know your customers

Learn what people like or dislike about your company to improve communication.

Engage customers online

Access and engage online mentions to grow customer satisfaction.

Katherine W. 791 Followers
23 min ago
Fen Airlines website is not working so I can't change my flight. I love them and usually they are great, but this is unacceptable.
Fen Airlines 132K Followers
11 min ago
Sorry about this! We'd love to help you make the changes! Please send us your confirmation code in a DM and what flights you'd like to change to.
Katherine W. 791 Followers
5 min ago
Wow! Thanks Guys! Much appreciated! <3

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I've been using Brand24 for the last few years and it is by far the best monitoring tool on the market. I’ve compared it against others and they don’t even come close.
Sujan Patel

Founder at MailShake, Growth Marketer & Entrepreneur

The user interface of the tool is brilliant and really intuitive and being able to compare projects to work out share of voice is extremely useful. The fact that it can also be used as a sentiment tracker and an influencer sourcing tool makes it extremely good value for money.
Anna Corbett

Head of Social Media at Together Agency

We use Brand24 to find social alerts and new audiences to engage with our brand. Between 2-3 times a day, we make sure to check in on our SM mentions and see if there are any relevant conversations going on that we can join.
Mai Bar-chen

Community & Social Media Manager at Tailor Brands

I love the Brand24 tool. In addition to be able to see all mentions of my name and brand online, it also provides me the opportunity to get notifications on other brands and keywords I want to follow.
Melonie Dodaro

Social Media Expert & CEO of Top Dog Social Media

Measure your marketing / PR efforts

Find out how many people saw mentions for your brand. Track engagement, including Likes, Shares & Comments.

Automated reports

Save time using our daily/weekly reports. Export the data through PDF & Excel reports.

Important metrics

Track KPIs including Reach & Engagement.

Hashtag tracking

Track various hashtags and find influencers. Measure the effects of a hashtag campaign, like Reach and Engagement.

Hashtag reach

Access important hashtag metrics.

Hashtag volume

Measure number of mentions with a hashtag.

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