4 Most Popular Myths about Internet Monitoring Debunked

Natalia Chrzanowska
January 21, 2015 ・ 2 min read

How much do you know about social media monitoring? Is it an incorporated element of your online marketing strategy or rather a part of ad hoc activities? If you work for a big international corporation the first option is more likely. However, a part of small and medium enterprises still do not know much about Internet monitoring and this is the main reason why they do not use it on regular basis.

In our previous article we enumerated the most popular applications of social media monitoring. This time we will debunk the most popular myths that discourage companies from including Internet monitoring in a fixed strategy.

1.You Need to Invest Loads of Money

Don’t get the wrong idea. Obviously, there are plenty very expensive Internet monitoring tools, but this market is so wide that you can find something that fits into your budget.

2. Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Complex and Hard to Use

Not at all. In most of the cases it is a matter of getting used to it. Give yourself an hour or two to click through a tool and get to know all the features and functionalities.

3. You Need to Hire a Whole Division to Handle Monitoring

False. As mentioned before most of monitoring tools are not complicated so your staff can handle it easily. It all depends on brand’s size and social media monitoring application.

4. Your Brand is too Small for Internet Monitoring

Nowadays, social media users discuss about almost all brands, ranging from huge global corporations to tiny local stores. So your question shouldn’t be if but which social media monitoring solution you should choose for your brand.


You don’t need neither loads of resources nor plenty of time to effectively manage Internet monitoring. Social media listening is a must in a business and a proper tool can just make it easier and more pleasant for you.

Have you encountered more misconceptions about Internet monitoring? Leave as a comment!