4 Reasons To Cancel Your Christmas Slowdown

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December 24, 2015 ・ 2 min read

For years, I have always lowered my sales forecasts for December, especially in B2B. This year it’s different, we at Brand24 are increasing our expectations for the holiday period. Because of the following reasons.

1. Buyers need your help!

Normally, 88% of consumers go online before making a purchasing decision. They check prices, compare offers, look at reviews etc. During Christmas, people do this more then ever as the pressure to make good choices increases. If a targeted item is not in the store, the first place they turn is their social network for advice. These are conversations, that you as a brand can assist with and also make an excellent brand impression at the same time.

2. Content Consumption is not a 9 – 5 thing

The sales process has to start somewhere. More then ever now, inbound marketing and content is a major lead generation tool. Your target audience will not stop consuming content during the holidays. In fact, they will consume more then ever. As tasks and responsibilities start to slow down, they will find more time to consume content. If your content is valuable and positioned on the right medium, it will get great coverage allowing you and your team to build on those relations. Not to mention a common site in many households this year, post Christmas Dinner will be a room full of family and friends staring into their phones and tablets.

3. Business Moves Faster

The idea that strategies need to be in place for a campaign to be successful is a thing of the past. Now Real Time Marketing rules, and it’s never too late too implement something. SaaS tools can be implemented in minutes for low costs with an almost immediate ROI if done correctly.

4. You can’t stop at the sale

It’s great making all those sales, and putting your products under trees around the globe, however soon as those products are tried and tested, your consumers will have questions. UPS now call Jan 3rd ‘Return’s Day‘. Between the sale and January 3, you will have the opportunity to talk and engage with your users to try and maximise their usage of there products, and limit the number of unsatisfied clients. This process starts December 25th on onwards.

These 4 reasons are why we at Brand24 expect to increase usage during the holiday period, as your customers, and potential customers want you to be there.

Visit Brand24 today and start making engaging with your users, it’s never too late.

Happy Holidays!