Top 100 Marketing Influencers of 2022 [Download Report]

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Who are the top digital marketing influencers? We analyzed several hundreds of them to create the Top 100 Marketing Influencers of 2022 Report. You can download the report right now!

Top 100 Marketing Influencers of 2022
Top 100 Marketing Influencers of 2022

What’s inside the report?

  • A list of 100 digital marketing influencers who create the most buzz, generate highly engaging content and gather the biggest number of online mentions. 
  • Guide how to create a profitable influencer marketing campaign.
  • Discounts for awesome marketing tools.

Discover top marketing influencers of 2022. Download now!

How was the report created?

It was not an easy task. We used our AI solution – the Presence Score metric, to deliver reliable data. We collected lots of information about hundreds of digital marketing experts.

Then we analyzed their personal brands, how they create their online image and how audiences react to them. Finally, we selected the 100 most influential marketers. 

Few words from project coordinators: 

“Preparing this type of report is an extremely rewarding experience. Starting from the initial research, I already realized, how valuable this report is going to be for marketers. It’s an endless source of information, inspiration, best practices, and potential partners.

 If 100 names look scary and you don’t have the time to follow them all, wait for the industry summaries that will appear on our blog – that’s going to be even more practical and insightful for people focusing on a single domain.”

Justyna Dzikowska, Head of Marketing at Brand24

“The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, so staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques is essential. By following the top 100 digital marketing influencers, you can learn a lot about what’s working well in the industry and apply these techniques to your campaigns. This is a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing.”

Alicja Mękarska, Partnership Manager at Brand24

Discover top marketing influencers of 2022. Download now!

It is the fourth edition of the marketing influencers report. You can also check previous editions:

Remember that the report is a list of inspirations created based on data from 2022. 

Keep an eye on us because, in the future, we’re going to publish other thematic rankings!

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