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About the client

Extradom.pl advises clients on the selection and buying of a house design plan. It offers comprehensive support at every stage of design and purchase decisions.

As the first company of its kind in Poland, it also created a social networking site that brings together people facing the challenge of building their dream homes. They manage the site and moderate the comments of already more than 500,000 community members. At the same time, they were among the first to introduce so-called ‘ready-made houses,’ i.e., house designs built from scratch to specific requirements within six months after purchase. Their image campaigns educate audiences about the innovative service and target their marketing activities at the group of future homeowners. 


A team of specialists manages Extradom.pl profiles, including our interviewee Klaudia Kleban, a social media specialist. During the interview, she told us about the marketing assumptions and moderation of a site with half a million reach. She has been with the company for almost two years, and in her work, she uses various tools to help with social media. The inseparable and one of her favorites is Brand24, which was brought to the company in 2017 and has since tracked as many as 170,000 mentions!


Klaudia's primary responsibilities include strategy planning, creating graphics, setting publication schedules, and writing content for posts. ‘And all other activities that I can accomplish with my own efforts,’ she adds. Although Brand24's capabilities are used extensively within the company in the SEO, product, and PR departments, Klaudia mainly needs it to monitor social media. 

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Main usage for Brand24

We asked Klaudia in which marketing activities in the social media Brand24 helps her the most.


Brand monitoring


‘I would like to start each day with coffee, and jump right into  Google Analytics and Brand24. Although my other obligations and priorities don't always allow me to do that, I try to review mentions of Extradom.pl whenever I can and to be up to date,’ Klaudia says in an interview. 




They've been using the tool in different areas for a few years now. Still, brand mentions started to be monitored at Extradom.pl only recently due to a growing group of engaged audience members, and their efforts connected with building a community interested in buying a home. When the number of engaged participants in the group began to grow, specialists at the company realized that they could not fully exploit the growing potential on their own.


‘Thanks to Brand24, I can always stay up to date with what is being said on social media about our brand, and I don't have to worry that a comment will go unattended or unnoticed,’ explains our interviewee. Since then, the team has constantly been using Brand24's capabilities to monitor mentions of Extradom.pl.

Anti-crisis measures


An engaged community is a precious gift, and every effort should be made to keep contributors happy and taken care of. At the same time, however, it is a place where it is easy to stir up a storm with a single comment. Klaudia told us about a situation in which one opinion could lead to a significant image crisis.


One day, as she always does, she visited the site to keep abreast of topics and be able to moderate comments if necessary. It turned out that a moment earlier, a statement from a disgruntled customer had been published there. On the part of Extradom.pl, everything in the project was going as promised and planned, but it did not live up to the customer's expectations. He decided to spare no words angrily informing the community about it. Fortunately, Klaudia managed to react quickly, and the situation was brought under control, as it turns out - until then. ‘After this morning's crisis, I opened Brand24 to routinely analyze the mentions.


To my dismay, it turned out that the client had decided to paste a comment with the same content under twenty other Facebook posts! Thanks to the tool, I was able to catch all these posts in a short period. Had it not been for Brand24, there would have been a serious threat of a major image crisis.’


‘Since that potential crisis, thanks to social listening with Brand24, we have managed to avoid further such threats,’ adds Klaudia.


Traffic source analysis


In the lalafo case study, we described how Brand24 supports brands in analyzing traffic sources when other tools such as Google Analytics fail. Click and read case study!


Klaudia also gives an example of such a situation at Extradom.pl, when she noticed a substantial spike in hits for the phrase ‘ready-made houses’ from an organic source. Google Analytics couldn't point them to the right direction, though. Fortunately, checking the keyword in our tool did the trick.




‘At some point, someone got the idea to go on Brand24, and it turned out that one of the Polish soccer players mentioned ready-made homes in an interview. At Extradom.pl, we are very focused on ranking high for this phrase, so we appear as the first result in Google search, and thanks to Brand24, we were able to track where this traffic came from,’ Klaudia tells us. With such knowledge, it is possible to plan campaigns more effectively and select the tools that bring the best results against our marketing goals and objectives.



Reports at Extradom.pl are mainly used by the Digital Marketing and Product teams, but Klaudia also analyzes data provided by Brand24 when needed. ‘Looking for opportunities to optimize ongoing communication activities, we compared the results of specific quarters year-on-year. This was precious information for us, which Brand24 provides quickly and eye-pleasingly,’ she says. Klaudia also points out that, although the social media service department does not create these reports often, the very possibility of generating them is valuable and saves at least a few hours of work for the specialist.


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Favorite features of the tool

We asked Klaudia which feature of Brand24 was most beneficial to her.

It turned out it was the filtering of mentions. ‘For me, it is the top of the top. It helps me tremendously in my work because I'm able to quickly and efficiently click between Facebook and Instagram and the extract content that interests me the most, that I want to focus on and use in my activities. I'm not interested in blog posts or articles because that's the responsibility of another team, so I can sift out that content easily,’ he says. 


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‘So you are not going to give up the tool for the time being?’ we asked at the end, ‘No way! I will not replace it with anything else,’ Klaudia replied.

10/10 - that's how Klaudia rates the intuitiveness of our tool. 

‘When I got access, I attended a webinar, and after that, I just had to put my steps in there. In terms of intuitiveness, it's great - I knew where to find what, how to navigate, where to look for the data I need,’ she says. 


9/10 - that's how she rates its usefulness in marketing efforts.

‘For me, as a social media specialist, this tool is almost perfect. The only thing I miss is more detail in monitoring TikTok.’


9/10 - this is how she rates the overall features offered by the tool.

‘I give nine because I believe there is always room for improvement. Looking at my needs, I could easily give 10, but you can't rest on your laurels ;).’


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