Finding Target Audience Insights: Leveraging Media Monitoring to Identify Ideal Consumer Groups

Paulina Wałczyk
June 17, 2021
12 min read


Dyadic leverages Brand24 to identify and engage with their target groups while uncovering relevant discussions surrounding specific products.

By harnessing the power of media monitoring, Dyadic gains valuable insights into the preferences, needs, and sentiments of their intended audience. This strategic approach allows them to tailor their marketing efforts effectively, create impactful messaging, and forge meaningful connections with their target customers.

By utilizing Brand24, Dyadic stays at the forefront of industry conversations, ensuring their clients' products and services are aligned with market demands and trends.

1. About the client


Dyadic, a B2B marketing agency based in Germany, specializes in various sectors including healthcare and industry. Their approach merges consulting, creative content creation, and data-driven strategies to deliver innovative and impactful communication solutions.

With a keen emphasis on creativity, emotional resonance, and forward-thinking, Dyadic agency is dedicated to helping businesses effectively communicate their messages and achieve their marketing objectives.

2. Interview

What do you use Brad24 for?

We use Brand24 to find out what is being said about a topic on the Internet. The mentions we collect help us divide user groups or target groups. For example, we once searched for topics related to rail infrastructure and were able to subdivide the mentions by target groups such as politicians and industry professionals.


I love that you can click on any mention and be taken to the source (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

What is the biggest advantage of the tool?

The data we receive from Brand24 will be put together and then transferred to our Consulting Team, which interprets the data and then shares it with our client for a pitch or a regular consulting job. We can check if our assumptions are right as well as find out new ones.

What features do you find most valuable?

I love that you can click on any mention and be taken to the source (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Also, the sentiment analysis is often handy to get a quick first look at the project.


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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist