Maximizing Brand Reputation and Marketing Insights: Piwik PRO's Media Monitoring Strategy

Waleria Pągowska
June 16, 2023
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Piwik PRO has created an advanced platform for web analytics that enables marketing effectiveness measurement. The company prioritizes data privacy and security, which is becoming increasingly important in many countries and industries.

Marcin Pluskota, the PR Manager, works closely with the marketing team to safeguard the company's reputation and generate sales leads. In our discussion, we explored ways of utilizing Brand24, such as reputation management, media relationship building, industry monitoring, and identifying influential individuals. We also shared some additional tips for those interested in leveraging media monitoring to increase their outreach and sales.

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Marcin Pluskota
PR Manager at Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is a company that specializes in creating a privacy-focused analytical platform for websites and mobile applications. Their platform offers various options for data storage and can seamlessly integrate with the client's technological stack. Piwik PRO has worked with over 500 organizations and brands, including Crédit Agricole, Škoda Auto, and the European Commission.

The PR Manager, Marcin Pluskota, collaborates with the marketing department to maintain the company's reputation and drive sales. His responsibilities include managing media relations, leading influencer partnerships, and generating and converting leads at different user journey stages. Marcin Pluskota also oversees external PR agencies in various countries, guiding effective regional communication.

2. Use cases

Brand reputation management

The Piwik PRO team recognizes the significance of maintaining the brand's image in the eyes of its customers. Therefore, they deploy the Brand24 tool to gain insights into what people say about their brand online. They keep track of discussions related to Piwik PRO on various online platforms, including social media, blogs, and forums.

Using sentiment analysis, they can pinpoint any issues potentially harming the brand's reputation and identify opportunities they can capitalize on. By analyzing mentions, they can make well-informed decisions regarding reputation management.

To ensure the accuracy and currency of brand-related information, the team keeps a close watch on the ‘Piwik PRO’ phrase. In case of any online mention that does not align with the actual state of affairs, such as an obsolete description of the product's functionality, the team takes corrective measures to avoid any false or deceptive content.

The company attaches great importance to compliance with GDPR, privacy, and data security regulations. The spread of misinformation on the web about the platform's data collection methods could affect the product's credibility in users' eyes.

Navigating the world of data privacy is a difficult task. Product credibility is built by precise information.

Marcin Pluskota

PR Manager at Piwik PRO

Measuring efficiency

As a tool for web analytics, Piwik PRO often appears in various reports dedicated to this issue. Keyword monitoring allows the team to quickly determine how many such lists they are currently on. In addition, Brand24 collects information for them on the number of mentions, reach, or advertising equivalent of these contents.

The Piwik PRO team also conducts paid and organic media relations activities. They are interested not only in the data provided by portals responsible for publishing articles but also in external results.

By entering a keyword in Brand24, which is a unique fragment of an article or a link to a post, they can check how it was received by readers, where it was shared, and whether it was being talked about on the web. Thus, the team receives a complete list of data on the results of their marketing activities.

TIP: Monitoring the results can be handy if you also conduct media relations activities. Not only will you know who is talking about your company on the web, but you can also reach out to portals and blogs interested in the topic of the article to establish further cooperation.


Analyzing the results of articles allows you to check their effectiveness and draw conclusions about whether they are easily and willingly assimilated, or whether the topic has the potential to become viral content.

Marcin Pluskota

PR Manager at Piwik PRO

Detecting opportunities for cooperation

As we already know, monitoring the brand allows us to determine where it is being discussed online. But what if we want to check where we have been forgotten? Then market and competition monitoring comes in handy. The team uses the phrase 'Alternatives to Google Analytics' in this way, which collects all sets of web analytics tools. In the next step, they search for those in which Piwik PRO does not appear and write with a proposal for cooperation.

Market monitoring also allowed us to verify data on opinion leaders in the field of web analytics. During the interview, we learned that the team already had a list they had collected by searching the internet manually. Setting up projects on phrases related to web analytics allowed them to verify the correctness of the list.

"We checked the opinion leaders in our industry through Brand24. Most of the data matched our internally prepared lists, but there were also a few new names. After verification, these individuals turned out to be additional, valuable positions on the list" says Marcin.

TIP: You don't have to manually browse articles and check which lists your company appears in and which it doesn't. Just enter the brand's name in the excluded phrases in the project settings. This way, the tool will collect only those publications in which your company has not been mentioned.

Brand and competition monitoring are interdependent. We will not get a full picture of the market situation by limiting ourselves to just one of these projects.

Marcin Pluskota

PR Manager at Piwik PRO

Utilizing competitive advantages

Competitor and market analysis are beneficial not only for establishing new partnerships. The Piwik PRO team also uses keyword monitoring to determine its competitive advantages.

Projects in Brand24 provide the team with information on the functionality of competitors' tools. Sentiment filtering helps them sift through the most interesting conclusions - they mainly search for mentions with a negative tone to gather as much information as possible about users' problems and turn them to their advantage.

How? It depends on whether Piwik PRO has a given functionality in its arsenal or not. If they can boast a better feature, they talk about it loudly on their channels and in advertising materials. If not, they take this fact into account in the process of making further product decisions.

Interestingly, in Piwik PRO, not only the marketing department analyzes this data. Similar projects in Brand24 also have a sales department, thus utilizing competitive advantages during conversations with potential customers.

3. Favourite feature

Added value: language filter

As a global company with PR strategies in different regions of the world, Piwik PRO uses the opportunity to segment Brand24 content by language.

Piwik PRO has one main global competitor, but the proportions are not evenly distributed. In each country, different analytical tools have gained more or less popularity. Piwik PRO maximizes its competitive advantages and prepares unique, personalized content for each foreign market.

4. Results

Piwik PRO is an example of how having internet monitoring tools in your PR strategy can give you a significant advantage.

As a global company, they understand the importance of effective PR strategies and know how much of a difference having access to the right internet analysis tools can make. Therefore, they use Brand24 for their PR activities.

As we can see, the benefits of using Brand24 for PR activities are numerous. Firstly, it can help you identify potential opportunities and threats in real-time. It also supports reaching the right people with the right message and building relationships with key influencers. 

Additionally, Brand24 provides valuable insights into audience preferences, enabling you to adjust your PR strategy to their needs. This data allows you to plan the best marketing strategy for your company and directly impact sales growth and website conversions.

5. Recommendations

Are you involved in PR? Or are you wondering how global brands use Brand24 in their activities? We have prepared some tips that may inspire you to introduce constant brand and market monitoring:

1. Remember that managing brand image is even more critical if your company operates in sensitive industries such as cybersecurity, internet analytics, banking, and insurance - where the company's credibility is particularly important. Monitoring your brand can prevent you from severe reputation crises.

2. If you operate in the global market, remember to adjust monitored projects to the realities of specific countries/regions. What may be an obvious point of contact in your home market may be different from a neighboring country. Start projects with a language filter - this will help you draw general conclusions about trends. Some languages, such as Spanish, may be challenging to assign to a specific country, as many countries use it. With others, it will work much more smoothly.

3. Need help finding information about foreign markets? Try using the context cloud in Brand24 - it collects all the most popular words that appear in discussions about your keyword. You will find it on the bottom of Analysis tab.

4. You don't have to monitor all the words constantly. Sometimes, researching a particular phrase for 2-3 weeks is enough to draw interesting conclusions about it. This will allow you to holistically understand the market even with a limited number of monitored keywords.

5. Utilize the collected information fully. On brand monitoring, you can base activities such as managing the brand image, measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities, building relationships with influencers, or analyzing sentiment. Brand24 collects data, which you can use in any way you want.


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