Discover How Businesses Are Using Brand24 To Track and Recruit Influencers

Paulina Wałczyk
March 12, 2019
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Soundbrenner relies on Brand24 for tracking influencer effectiveness and discovering new influencers. They use it as a reporting tool and appreciate the time-saving feature of scanning social mentions.

1. About the client


Soundbrenner solves universal problems of musicians, by applying design, technology and human ingenuity. They combine hardware and software into integrated solutions that offer a beautiful user experience. Solutions that are not gadgets or toys, but music tools designed for all musicians who are serious about improving

2. Interview

Soundbrenner has been using Brand24 for over 18 months. They use the tool for tracking the effectiveness of their influencers and recruiting future influencers. We caught up with their Content Marketing Manager, Apple Ko, to learn more.

What are rhe most important metrics and results you get from Brand24?

We use Brand24 mainly as a reporting tool, to identify how effective our influencer marketing activities are. We are also increasing our usage of Brand24 to identify new Influencers within our Analysis Center.


"We use Brand24 to keep track of influencers who have mentioned us, whether it's influencers who we are currently working with, or for identifying new ones we should start a conversation with.

Apple Ko

Content Marketing Manager at SoundBrenner

What is your favourite feature?

The ability for us to quickly scan through all our social mentions of the week, without having to do that manually on each social media channel, which saves us a lot of time.



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