4 Smart Tips on How Young Companies can Build Global Recognition with Brand24

Paulina Wałczyk
January 3, 2023
18 min read

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Ola Szczepaniak
Head of Marketing at Wimba

Founded in 2022, Wimba is a Polish manufacturer of 4D printed veterinary orthotics and prosthetics (V-OP for short) – orthoses, prosthetics, and shoes.



Wimba has been operating globally since its inception, focusing its sales strategy primarily on the United States, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe.

Wimba builds its competitive advantage by using innovative and patented technology. Their original manufacturing method differs from the traditional technique using plaster and patches – it is based on the scan of the patient's paw. The scan is completed 6x faster than conventional casts and, unlike traditional models, does not create waste. Wimba’s orthoses are also much lighter than competitors’.

Wimba focuses its marketing efforts on image building and recognition. We talked to Ola Szczepaniak, head of marketing at Wimba, about ways to use Brand24 in branding. Ola has worked in the marketing industry for seven years, and Brand24 has accompanied her in various ways at every stage of her professional development. Currently, the tool is helping her position the Wimba brand in the market. She focuses her marketing efforts on creating media buzz around the company and attracting potential customers through online activities.

2. The greatest benefit

For now, Ola is working in a one-person department, so she needs to optimize her operations.

Brand24 is helping her with this. "The biggest benefit of Brand24 is the time savings it brings. If I wanted to check mentions of Wimba manually, there wouldn't be enough time for other activities," she explains, adding that Brand24 was one of the first two marketing tools she introduced at the company. She appreciates that the data is collected in real-time, in one place, and that she can take action at any time. This is very important for a young company that is only starting to build its online presence.

After I leave work, I have other responsibilities that keep me busy. However, I always have my phone with me, so I am immediately informed when there is unusual traffic around Wimba on the web. I can glance at the mentions and decide whether I need to respond immediately or I put them off and go about my activities.

Ola Szczepaniak

Head of Marketing at Wimba

2. Brand24's most useful features

For Ola, the most helpful feature of Brand24 is the ability to set up email alerts that warn her when there is a lot of buzz around a monitored keyword. This way, she can always stay on top of things, even if she doesn't have a computer around.

Email reports

The second feature she likes to use is the Sentiment and Importance filters. The Sentiment filter helps you quickly see if there has been a negative comment about the brand, and the Importance filter helps prioritize the mentions.

Both these functions are aimed at supporting the user in taking care of the brand image and preventing PR crises, which young companies simply can’t afford.

3. Ways to use Brand24

For Ola, the most important marketing goals are customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Global brand monitoring

Since the beginning of the brand's activity, Ola has managed to establish six new cooperations thanks to the use of media monitoring. These included a TV interview, videos, and a podcast appearance. Our tool is designed to help her do this by, among other things, tracking mentions that appear about Wimba both in Poland and abroad. "Catching all the information that appears about us in the national media is difficult and time-consuming, but possible if we consciously manage our publications. In foreign media, it is definitely more challenging," she says.

With Brand24, Ola can simultaneously monitor the brand in Poland and worldwide with the confidence that nothing will escape her attention.

Wimba photo

Wimba often appears on Spanish portals. If it weren't for media monitoring, I would never have found and responded to these mentions.

Ola Szczepaniak

Head of Marketing at Wimba

Market monitoring

Starting her adventure with Wimba, Ola was first exposed to the veterinary industry. To be able to consciously prepare a marketing strategy for the brand, she had to become well-versed in this market area. Watching it, Ola was able to spot, for example, trends in visual communication. "I noticed that companies that offer medical equipment for animals rarely show the product itself and the process of creating it – this was a clue for me as to what niches have not yet been developed," she says. Such findings allowed the brand to stand out from the competition.

At the same time, it's easy to see what kind of content is readily accepted by the audience. In the veterinary market, these were primarily videos showing the product on the patient – in this case, dogs. These findings allowed Ola to build a well-thought-out visual communication. A great examples here are the brand's homepage and Instagram, for instance.

In addition to finding trends, market analysis has another huge advantage, especially for young companies – it allows marketers to set marketing goals, or more precisely, key performance indicators (KPIs). "In a new company and a difficult market, I need to have benchmarks that I can refer to when presenting the effects of my actions," – Ola says. At Brand24, such metrics for her are social media reach and outreach. "If I want to make my day better, I also check what level our Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) is at." – she adds.

Brand24 supports marketers in analyzing trends by, among other things: 

- Collecting mentions related to a keyword, e.g., veterinary, animal prostheses;

- Creating a discussion context that identifies the words that appear most frequently around the keyword for which the project was created;

- Bookmarking Influencers, which identifies the most influential accounts creating content related to the keyword;

- Collecting the most popular hashtags that appear in posts containing the keyword.

In a new company and a difficult market, I need to have benchmarks that I can refer to when presenting the effects of my actions.

Ola Szczepaniak

Head of Marketing at Wimba

Monitoring the competition

One of Wimba's closest competitors is Pet Tech, whose online activities Ola also tracks from within our tool. Among other things, this allows her to establish partnerships with newspapers that have in the past or are currently publishing articles about them.

Some time ago, Gazeta Wyborcza published material on our competition. I prepared a special note for them about our brand, hoping that if they wrote about Pet Tech, they would also want to share our story with their readers. And indeed, a week later, the article about Wimba appeared in the newspaper's print edition

Ola Szczepaniak

Head of Marketing at Wimba

Establishing partnerships

The 4D prosthetics market is still developing, and Brand24 is helping Ola search for areas where Wimba can shine and catching portals willing to publish an article. At such an early stage of branding, exploiting this advertising potential is crucial for Wimba. "If I see that a portal writes about our topic, I very often get back to them with a proposal for further cooperation, such as writing another article," – Ola says. So far, Ola has managed to contact and successfully establish cooperation with four portals.

Wimba photo

4. How can Brand24 help you?

Ola has been using our tool since the beginning of her marketing adventure.

We asked for a brief summary of Brand24 – she rated the following:


- intuitiveness of the tool at 8/10

- the amount and scope of content provided at 10/10

- categorization of content at 8/10

- the support of the Customer Success team at 11/10 (quote: I wish everyone had a CS team like Brand24!).


Ola has used Brand24 in different areas, depending on her position and type of company. At Wimba, it focuses on positioning a new brand in the market by monitoring the brand, market, and competition. If you see something among the applications that can help your brand grow, contact us – we can help you choose a plan for you.


Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

Maybe you also happen to use Brand24 in your day-to-day work and want to share your case with the world. If so, feel free to write me!

Till the next case study. Toodles!

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