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Engage all mentions relevant to your business to improve its results:

  • Get customer feedback to adjust your product or service accordingly.
  • Find new leads and turn them into customers before your competition does.
  • Flip bad reviews (we all have them...) and win the trust and love of your audience back.
  • Monitor the performance of your online campaigns and hashtags to optimize your future marketing activities - improve customer service.
  • Improve customer service by replying to all the online requests and complaints, even when you're not tagged in the post.

Embrace web and social media monitoring and manage your online marketing like a pro. Upgrade your account and get full access to your mentions or login to analyze and engage with your current mentions during your free trial.


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„We easily closed the first $2.5 k deal already during the first month of using Brand24.”
Monika Loryńska, Pixel PR

Pixel PR is a digital agency that uses social media monitoring to find customers. By tracking “looking for a digital agency” and other phrases, Pixel PR is first to discover customers looking for the services they offer. During the first month of using Brand24, they closed a $2,5K deal!

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UBER uses web and social media monitoring to get customer feedback. Using Brand24, they tracked the impact of their app rebranding. What’s more, they use social media monitoring to discover feature requests and suggestions of improvements for their services.

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Web and social media monitoring has many applications starting with customer service, hashtag analytics, ending with social selling and others. Here are 12 powerful ways social media monitoring can improve your business.

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