How Media Monitoring Helps FinTech in CX, Influencer Acquisition, and AI Data Analysis

Waleria Pągowska
April 19, 2024
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1. Introduction

This case study explores how the adoption of Brand24 has helped Global66 with a better approach to public relations, customer experience, and market research.

Global66, a leading FinTech company in Latin America, aims to democratize regional financial services by making them more accessible, offering a truly global account. Maria Camila Segura, the company's Head of Strategic Communications, and her team have adopted social listening to improve its service delivery and customer engagement. 


of negative reviews were transformed into positive feedback by March 2024

2. Problem

Brands, regardless of their size or industry, often face significant challenges in tracking the impact of public relations activities and managing customer interactions.

The complexities of manual web searching and data gathering leave marketers to work on assessing the effectiveness of their communications strategies accurately.

This approach offers limited insights into customer sentiments and needs, making it difficult for companies to tailor their services to meet customer expectations effectively. The lack of precise and actionable data slows brands from fully leveraging media chances.

3. Solution

Brand24 enabled the company to comprehensively monitor social media and other digital platforms, providing real-time feedback on public perception and customer experiences.

The capabilities of the tool include tracking mentions, analyzing sentiments, and identifying key influencers and brand ambassadors. This has allowed Maria Camila and her team to listen actively to their audience and respond promptly to users' needs.

4. Results

Customer Experience Enhancements

Global66 has effectively implemented Brand24 to enhance its customer experience (CX) strategies and gain actionable insights from social media interactions. 

By March 2024, Brand24's analytics enabled Global66 to track and address negative comments, transforming 18% of such reviews into positive feedback. This impressive turnaround is part of a broader CX initiative where all customer comments are systematically gathered and analyzed. 

Summary of Global66 project. Source: Brand24

Despite having a large team dedicated to customer experience, using Brand 24 revealed some surprising insights. It flagged details like, "This user has made 14 comments," which proved to be incredibly useful. As the Head of Communications, it enabled me to alert the CX team about particular users and their comments.

María Camila Segura Matiz

Head of Strategic Communications @ Global66

The insights from this data are used to inform continuous improvements in the app, ensuring that changes are aligned with user expectations and preferences. Through Brand24, Global66 monitors customer sentiments and actively engages with them, significantly enhancing user satisfaction and service quality.

Brand Ambassador Acquisition

Brand24 also helps in recruiting brand ambassadors. Unlike paid influencers, these ambassadors earn through a referral system by promoting a unique link within their content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, generating revenue when new users first transaction. This approach has revealed numerous effective ambassadors with substantial social media followings.

Top influencers for Global66 project. Source: Brand24

One notable success story involves a popular education-focused Instagram page, which also runs a YouTube channel and a podcast specializing in finance. Despite previous attempts to engage them, it wasn’t until Brand24 highlighted their organic mention of Global66 that the company initiated fruitful negotiations. Recognizing their familiarity with the brand facilitated a smoother partnership dialogue. 

This approach led us to discover many brand ambassadors we weren't even aware of, many of whom had substantial followings on their social media platforms. Interestingly, some ambassadors who shared their links with their followers eventually became influencers for us.

María Camila Segura Matiz

Head of Strategic Communications @ Global66

Trend and Market Research

In terms of public relations and media management, Brand24 provides great insights into the fintech industry's dynamics across different regions like Chile, Colombia, and Peru. An interesting discovery through Brand24's monitoring tools was that gamers use their Global66 accounts to purchase gaming skins and other related items.

This unexpected insight into customer behavior opened up new avenues for understanding diverse applications of their services.

One of the forum entries mentioned above. Source: Brand24

“For example, if I see that in Chile, there's a buzz about how it's better to save money in a U.S. account, I can use that info. I might put out a press release explaining how you don’t need a U.S. account because with Global66, even if you’re in Chile, you can have an account in dollars and use it for saving,” explains Maria and adds that she takes what she finds on Brand 24 and use it to craft press releases, interviews, and messages to share with their different audiences.

AI-Driven Data Analysis

AI Insights has significantly advanced Global66’s ability to measure and understand the impact of strategic partnerships and market dynamics. A notable example is their partnership with FC Bayern Munich, where quantifying the exact influence of such collaborations often presents challenges. 

AI Insights for Global66 project. Source: Brand24

The AI-enhanced reports provided by Brand24 have become a crucial tool in this context, offering weekly summaries highlighting key developments and social media reach attributed to specific initiatives like the Bayern Munich collaboration.

AI Recommendations for Global66 project. Source: Brand24

Measuring the impact of such collaborations can be challenging. However, the AI-powered reports have been instrumental in analyzing and summarizing the weekly developments.

María Camila Segura Matiz

Head of Strategic Communications @ Global66

These AI-powered insights are particularly valuable for demonstrating the extent of Global66's social media influence on partners and assessing the reception of their brand in the public domain. 

AI Trends for Global66 project. Source: Brand24

This tool is really useful because it shows our social media reach and free media coverage to partners like FC Bayern Munich. It also alerts us to negative feedback, helping us find and fix problems and giving us a clearer picture of how our department is doing.

María Camila Segura Matiz

Head of Strategic Communications @ Global66

This helps maintain a positive brand image and provides an introspective look at the company's internal operations, offering a clearer perspective on how different departments perform and interact with the public.

5. Recommendations

Do you want to improve your marketing efforts the way Global66 did? Here we have a few tips to make the change smoother:

● Integrate Media Monitoring Tools: Companies should incorporate advanced media monitoring tools like Brand24 to gain real-time insights into customer feedback and media perception.

● Leverage AI-Driven Analytics: Use AI-enhanced analytics to deepen the understanding of collected data, aiding in more precise and informed decision-making.

● Team Training: Invest in comprehensive training for teams to ensure they can use these tools to their full potential.

● Proactive Response Strategies: Develop strategies to respond promptly to customer feedback and media mentions to improve service quality and brand image.

● Explore New Market Segments: Analyze unexpected usage patterns and trends revealed through media monitoring to identify and target new customer segments and business opportunities.

About the client

We spoke with:

María Camila Segura Matiz
Head of Strategic Communications @ Global66


Global66 is a fintech that positions itself as the next Global Neobank. It offers a Global Account for individuals and companies that need to move their money worldwide without the barriers and costs imposed by the Latam financial system.

This Global Account allows users to have their local currency available in dollars (with a yield of 6% for individuals and 5% for companies), euros, and other Latin American currencies.

The Global Account allows currency exchanges, immediate remittances between Global66 accounts, international transfers to more than 70 countries, international payment links and, in addition, the account is linked to the Global66 Smart Card, a Mastercard connected to all currencies of the Global Account, which is available for registered users in Colombia, Chile, and Peru in physical and digital format.

Recently, it was also announced that the launch of the Global66 Smart Card Business focused on companies available in Chile.


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