The Power of Podcasting with Jim Nico

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Podcasting Is the New Radio

Radio has been with us forever – but podcasting, the white-hot digital medium of audio-on-demand has the benefits of radio but without the so much of the red tape, high cost, and government regulation. It could cost 5 million dollars to set up a traditional broadcast radio station in the United States. But to set up and promote our podcast station (digital) and produce, promote, and perfect podcasts costs thousands, not millions.
The power of podcasting is everywhere and the popularity is growing. To someone completely new to this medium, to someone who says what is a podcast? I ask them to imagine sitting in a room with me and closing their eyes while I perform an experiment. I turn on one of our podcasts for one minute. And then I turn on radio for one minute. And then I ask them to tell me which was which. The answer is always the same; they sound the same I can’t tell which is a podcast or which one is a radio show.
As CEO/Founder and podcast producer at The Social Network Station, I have had the honor of working with and producing podcasts featuring world-class innovators from the world’s top companies: Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations Foundation, the National Crime Prevention Council and much more. One of the most important reasons so many businesses are getting into podcasting is because they get more business from the exposure which brings in new customers, new contacts, new business, and new strategic partnerships.

Podcast-related FAQ

1. What is the biggest challenge when it comes to podcasting?
The biggest challenge is building an audience to a size that is respected in the world of advertising and sponsorship. The industry standard to attract advertisers and sponsors are 5,000 listeners per episode and up.
2. How do you choose your guests for the show?
Because of our reputation in the podcast industry, PR companies and publicists often times request that we feature their guests. Other times we may have a hunch, or a previous guest refers a friend or colleague.
3. How do you promote your podcast? What social media channels do you rely on?
In addition to a mobile marketing and distribution protocol I designed – our station – The Social Network Station is on Apple News, the world’s hottest platform – and we promote our podcasts there. We also promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, iTunes, Audio Boom, Stitcher, Tunein, Libsyn and other podcast platforms. Many of our podcasts are also promoted by the guests and their companies.

4. What are the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to starting your own podcast?

  • Underestimating the power of podcasting. Virtually all the Fortune 500 companies are seeing the value of having their own podcasts.
  • Making low-quality podcasts which are sometimes called backyard podcasts. In contrast: we currently use highly trained audio engineers for recording and post production.
  • Underestimating the need for marketing.
  • Not using professional interview techniques and formats.

5. How to analyze the effectiveness of a given episode?
By a number of downloads, the direct feedback from guests, and the desire by new contacts, companies, and individuals to be on our shows. We have featured the world’s top innovators and companies and continue to do so. Many of the shows we produce are booked months in advance. Our success with advertisers and sponsors paying us is a direct result of the above.

Can I Make My Own Podcast?

Did you get into the mood for creating your own podcast? No idea where to start? You should follow with this guide, then. Also, check out some guidelines for podcasts in business

  • The minimum standard in the industry is 4 one half hour podcasts per month.
  • A wise approach is to think of podcasting as a tool to increase the bottom line of your core business – podcasting is a brilliant way to spread the word about your business and gain new contacts which can help you make more money.
  • One approach is to invite people you hope are interested in your product or service and have them as guests on your podcast.
  • Work with an experienced and connected producer who has worked with world-class companies – and who is an expert at podcast marketing and distribution.
  • Always put your guests first and try to formulate 5 questions per episode that you are reasonably sure they know the answer to–and try to use the conversational style.

You can also check that list to get even more tips and create a podcast people will want to listen.

I hope you find it useful and you will start off with an amazing podcast that will benefit your company in a number of ways! In case of any doubts or questions, you can reach me at!

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