AI Features in Market Research &Trend Analysis: Barbie’s Case

Waleria Pągowska
April 8, 2024
8 min read

1. Problem

Keeping an eye on market trends is crucial for companies aiming to make an impact. Identifying emerging trends allows you to capitalize on popular topics, gaining more recognition. It also helps spot unmet needs or failing strategies within a niche, offering a chance to lead by addressing these gaps.

And this is just to name a few benefits of market analysis. But it also needs a tremendous amount of time or a good media monitoring tool to do it for you. First requires navigating overwhelming online chatter across social media, blogs, forums, and news websites.

Staying on top of the conversation, understanding the public sentiment, and reacting to emerging trends in real-time can be daunting. Traditional monitoring and analysis methods are time-consuming and may not capture the full spectrum of public opinion.

To really nail your market and trend analysis, it's all about exploring as many online sources as you can, getting to the heart of what your project is all about, and catching the buzz—figuring out when it hits, why it's happening, and whether it's good news or bad news. You have to keep your curiosity wide open and dive deep!

2. Solution

Diving into the busy online market and spotting the next big thing can be tricky, but Brand24 has many intelligent AI features to make it smoother and brighter. Each tool is designed to speed up, sharpen, and tailor the market watch to the ever-changing online world.

Let's take a closer look using a fun example: the 'Barbie' project. You've likely heard about Greta Gerwig's 2023 blockbuster—it was a marketing masterpiece, buzzing all over the web. We took this chance to flex our AI muscles and show you what we can do!

Anomaly detector

This feature uses advanced algorithms to monitor the frequency and pattern of mentions related to "Barbie" across the internet. It's specifically tuned to detect any abnormal activity, such as sudden spikes or drops in discussions or reach, which could indicate emerging trends or potential crises. 

We've been monitoring the 'Barbie' keyword since before the movie's release. Although the Anomaly Detector is quite a new feature, it has already given us a few good explanations of why's behind spikes. Let's take a look:

The chatter about our keyword skyrocketed around the movie's debut. After that, it's been on a slow decline, with a few notable exceptions. Wondering what's behind those spikes? You've got two ways to dig deeper. Choose a day that stands out regarding buzz or mentions, and sift through the data to uncover the story. Or, for a quicker insight, click on the exclamation mark above any spike on our chart. Our AI will jump in and reveal the insights that are waiting for you!

Notice how the spikes align with big moments like the Golden Globes and the Oscars? Because our Anomaly Detector does, and that's where it shines, pinpointing the cause of the buzz, the channels buzzing the loudest, and the overall public sentiment. Just like that, in a matter of seconds, you've got yourself insights that can either wrap up your report neatly or spark ideas for your next marketing moves!

That is how the Anomaly Detector empowers brand managers to quickly assess situations and decide on the appropriate course of action by providing real-time alerts about these anomalies. Whether capitalizing on unexpected positive attention or addressing a potential reputational issue, this feature ensures that the brand remains agile and proactive.

AI Insights

Do you know that you can copy-paste our AI-driven insights for those weekly reports? This feature digs deep into the data, employing natural language processing and machine learning to analyze content from various sources, including social media posts, blogs, forums, and news articles. It identifies critical patterns, topics, and sentiments, offering a comprehensive overview of the online conversation surrounding "Barbie."

Here are a few notes from the post-Oscars week:

  • Insight: The increase in aggregated negative mentions could be linked to discussions around Barbie not winning major Oscars and the critiques of the Barbie film's merit.
  • Trends: There was a considerable decrease in total mentions from 24.9k on Sunday to 8.5k on the following Saturday, indicating a 66% drop
  • Trends: Reach and AVE saw a significant increase by 82% (from 405.6M to 739.3M) and 88% (from 30.9M to 58.1M), respectively, compared to the previous week.
  • Recommendations: Capitalize on the increased interest in Barbie's cultural impact by collaborating with influencers or celebrities who have recently been associated with the brand, like Queen Camilla or Helen Mirren.
  • Recommendations: Explore opportunities to create more film and music content in collaboration with artists and producers, given the success and conversation around the Barbie song and movie performances.

This feature ensures no relevant information is overlooked, providing brand managers with a 360-degree view of the brand's online presence. Armed with these insights, they can make informed decisions about content strategy, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement, ensuring alignment with the audience's interests and concerns.

Topic Analysis

If you're a curious marketer or analyst eager to delve deeper, we have just the thing for you. Of course, obtaining the most popular insights is simpler, whether you're using AI assistance or not — what AI contributes significantly saves time. However, Topic Analysis is a feature that goes beyond merely saving time; it also dramatically increases the likelihood of uncovering insights that might have been overlooked. This is particularly valuable for large-scale projects. 

Consider analyzing hundreds or thousands of mentions daily — it's easy for an emerging trend to escape notice. That's precisely where Topic Analysis comes into play, ensuring you don't miss those nascent trends. Topic Analysis automatically sorts the vast amount of content related to "Barbie" into organized categories and subtopics. This segmentation is based on contextual relevance and the frequency of topic occurrence within the discussions.

Let's focus on one of the topics - Barbie Role Models. Beneath, you can find a short explanation: Mattel's new Barbie Role Model Dolls featuring notable female icons, including Viola Davis and Shania Twain, timed with Oscar weekend and International Women's Day.

Setting the movie aside, Mattel's Barbie dolls remain a subject of keen interest. You can effortlessly explore each mention within a topic by simply moving your cursor over any dot on the interactive map. Once you've selected a topic and scrolled down, you'll quickly find answers to crucial questions such as:

  • Which hashtags or words are most effective for engaging with this topic?
  • Is the topic's popularity on the rise or in decline?
  • How many people are discussing Barbie within the context of this topic?
  • What emotions are associated with this topic?
  • Where is the best place to discuss or write about it to gain maximum visibility?

Topic Analysis saves significant time and effort by presenting a structured overview of the conversation landscape. You can quickly identify which topics capture the audience's attention, tailoring your strategy to leverage popular trends or address areas of concern. It facilitates targeted content creation and more effective communication with the audience.

Emotion Analysis & Sentiment Analysis

These complementary analyses dive into the emotional and sentimental layers of the conversation. Emotion Analysis categorizes mentions according to emotions such as joy, sadness, or anger. Sentiment Analysis evaluates the overall sentiment, classifying it as positive, negative, or neutral.

Understanding the emotional context and sentiment towards the brand enables a deeper connection with the audience. These insights help brand managers craft messages that resonate emotionally, improving engagement and fostering a positive brand image. By proactively addressing negative sentiments, the brand can mitigate issues and maintain trust with its audience.

3. Results

Emotion Analysis & Sentiment Analysis

Here's a quick summary of how AI features can help you directly:

  • Quick Adaptation to Trends: With the Anomaly Detector, you can immediately identify and adapt to viral moments, capitalizing on positive trends or mitigating negative buzz before it escalates.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: AI Insights ensures that the brand gets crucial data, providing a comprehensive analysis that informs strategic decisions.
  • Efficiency in Content Strategy: Topic Analysis saves precious time by summarizing the vast amounts of data into actionable insights, allowing the brand to tailor its content and marketing strategies to current interests and discussions.
  • Enhanced Audience Connection: Through Emotion and Sentiment Analysis, the brand gains an in-depth understanding of its audience's feelings, enabling more empathetic and targeted communication strategies.

With Brand24's AI tools at your fingertips, keeping up with market trends is a breeze. Using 'Barbie' as a cool example, think of the possibilities when you dive into topics you're passionate about. It's like having a superpower for spotting trends and staying ahead while focusing on what you do best.


Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

Maybe you also happen to use Brand24 in your day-to-day work and want to share your case with the world. If so, feel free to write me!

Till the next case study. Toodles!

Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist