How does Dealavo use Brand24 to know their customer's and reader's feedback?

Karol Marmuszewski
May 26, 2021
13 min read


Dealavo, an e-commerce analytics provider, uses Brand24 to track mentions about their brand and reports they create. This helps them gather feedback and identify relevant websites.

They also monitor discussions related to their services, allowing them to address questions and understand their competitive advantage.

Dealavo values Brand24's email alerts, which help them quickly check relevant mentions. They also appreciate the filtering feature to focus on the most important discussions.

1. About the client


Dealavo offers e-commerce analytics solutions for online stores and brands. It specializes in delivering price monitoring and automation software for e-shops and DPSM solutions (Distribution, Pricing, Shelving, Merchandising) for brands.

2. Interview

What does Dealavo use Brand24 for?

At Dealavo, we use Brand24 primarily to track mentions about our brand. What I mean are not only opinions about our services, but also mentions about the reports that we helped in creating.

In the last months, we have cooperated with such companies as Deloitte or TechRadar by delivering them reliable data about prices in e-commerce. Based on that data, interesting reports were published - readers could learn what the level of discounts on Black Friday was or about the price level of some products. Some of these reports were then cited in several articles.

Thanks to Brand24, we could see which websites mentioned the reports and which information they found the most relevant. We treated it as a form of feedback - it inspired us to write more about topics that our readers found relevant.

For example, after noticing the popularity of our analysis about prices on Allegro and Amazon in Poland, we have decided to prepare a similar report - a comparison between prices and competition on Google Shopping and Ceneo.


What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use Brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

We use Brand24 to know the doubts of our potential clients.

The second type of mentions which we track are those related to the services that we offer - price monitoring and dynamic pricing for e-commerce. It allows us to answer the questions about these subjects if we see such a query e.g. on Reddit.

What’s more, by looking at the articles, posts, and tweets which are sent in this regard we can see, what our potential customers deem relevant or have doubts about. Now we understand our competitive advantage better.

We track mentions about our competitors as well. Thanks to that, we can see what customers value about their services and what are the things they dislike. It helps us in understanding what is our competitive advantage and what are the things we should improve or implement.


What features do you find most valuable?

In my opinion, email alerts are extremely useful. Thanks to them, I need only a few seconds to check whether there were any relevant mentions about Dealavo on the web. It enables me to react quickly every time I see anyone having doubts about our solution.

The other valuable feature is the possibility of filtering mentions. I use it to narrow the results to the most relevant ones.

As an example, in one of the projects, we track the phrase “dynamic pricing” (which is one of the services that we offer). However, many mentions don’t suit our business - they tend to comment on Uber’s dynamic pricing model while we focus on automated pricing in online stores.

By simply using the filter narrowing mentions to those in which the word “e-commerce” is used, we can track the results which are in our scope.


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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist