How does Bidroom use Brand24 to find mentions about their brand?

Paulina Wałczyk
May 26, 2021
12 min read


Bidroom, the membership-based travel marketplace aiming to create fairness in the hotel industry, relies on Brand24 for social media listening.

Their primary focus is to track mentions about their brand and identify their sources.

Additionally, they utilize Brand24 to monitor other brands as well. The main page of Brand24 serves as a valuable resource for finding mentions and relevant websites.

1. About the client


Founded with the mission to make the hotel industry fair for both travellers and hotels, Bidroom is the first membership-based marketplace for travel lovers. Hotels get bookings with no commission, and instead, they offer discounts and added perks to members.

2. Interview

What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use Brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

I use Brand24 for Social Media Listening.

The most important for me is to check mentions about our brand, where they are coming from, but I also use it to check other brands.



When I am using Brand I'm mostly checking main page where I can find those mentions and websites.


What surprised you the most in media monitoring?

Brand24 helps me to find two websites where someone created an account about my brand, which I didn't know about, and thanks for these results I could make some steps.

What is the most important KPI you get from Brand24?

Comparison, social media reach and number of mentions.


What features do you find most valuable?

PDF reports and Comparison (but here would be nice to add reach).



I want to add again, that I really appreciate Brand24 Customer Support. I always get fast help. 🙂


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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist