Optimizing Engagement and Visibility on Forums & Reddit with Brand24

Waleria Pągowska
June 11, 2024
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1. Introduction

The move to Brand24 allowed GreenRoom to better find, manage, and quantify mentions to enhance brand visibility, trust, and awareness.

With GreenRoom, a full-service Public Relations, and Digital Marketing agency, we discussed how Brand24 was implemented to monitor one of their clients focused on Smart Home Energy Management solutions. GreenRoom faced a challenge in tracking conversations about Emporia Energy beyond social media. For over a year, they used Google Alerts but found the process could have been more convenient and efficient. 

GreenRoom eventually adopted Brand24 for its simplicity and focus on essential features that allowed them to take action quickly. This change streamlined their monitoring efforts, significantly improving their ability to track and engage with forum conversations about Emporia. 


increase in views on Reddit.


increase in followers on Reddit.

2. Problem

GreenRoom, an agency specializing in PR & Digital marketing, faced a unique challenge with their client, Emporia, a rapidly growing startup focused on Smart Home Energy Management solutions. GreenRoom realized that significant conversations were happening beyond social media.

“If you research Emporia Energy or its products, there’s a good chance you’ll end up going beyond social media, reading community chatter on likes of Reddit or an EV Charger forum.” - we read in GreenRoom’s case study

The need to monitor these conversations led them to set up Google Alerts. This task proved to be cumbersome as it resulted in creating 34(!) different alerts working in tandem with Gmail filtering & forwarding, Outlook inbox rules, and manual checks to redirect mentions to the team’s internal communicator and the client. This setup was functional but not ideal for managing the volume and relevance of the alerts – not to mention lacking overarching reporting insights.

Looking for alternative solutions, GreenRoom considered more enterprise-focused alternatives but found them too complex and costly, with many features they didn't need for the agile tasks they were concerned with. This situation underscored the challenge of finding a suitable, efficient tool for tracking and managing online mentions and conversations relevant to Emporia's business.

3. Solution

Facing the challenge of efficiently monitoring and managing online conversations about their client, in the middle of January 2024, GreenRoom officially adopted Brand24 and has been using it for two months, following an impressive, full-service trial period that helped confirm the tool would meet its needs.

This strategic choice aimed to enhance customer support, boost brand awareness, and strengthen brand trust for Emporia, aligned with an impressive Public Relations program that has helped the brand receive growing marquee media placements. To achieve this, GreenRoom set up a project specifically for Emporia, ensuring they received automatic and regular notifications about mention spikes, in addition to consistently checking the dashboard for granular real-time mentions. 

This approach streamlined the process of keeping track of online conversations, making it easier for GreenRoom to respond to and engage with its audience on behalf of Emporia, improving its overall brand presence and customer satisfaction.

Brand24 provided exactly the necessary features without any unnecessary or overly complex functions that we wouldn't use.

GreenRoom Agency

4. Results

Boosting performance

With the adoption of Brand24 for brand mention monitoring, GreenRoom became much more efficient in detecting mentions about Emporia. The inclusion of Brand24 allowed them to maximize their community engagement with forums, find more conversations to consider responding to and get quantitative insights about the volume of activity. 

Post by EmporiaEnergy announcing the launch of their EV Charger with NACS Connector.Source: Reddit

This strategic shift led GreenRoom to discover that over one-third of brand mentions (from monitored keywords and platforms) in February 2024 occurred on forums and Reddit. This quantification highlighted the importance of using these platforms for engaging with existing and potential customers. Notably, GreenRoom opted not to enable factoring in conversations from Emporia’s Community Forum, specifically to understand and monitor the impact of external channels. 

In Q1 2024, we saw that over 1/3 of brand mentions by the audience and community took place on forums (including Reddit).” 

This added more perspective to what GreenRoom noted from Reddit’s insights about r/EmporiaEnergy: 

“Interacting with the brand’s subreddit for a year and a half enabled an over 1000% increase in views and an over 300% growth in followers.” - we read in the previously mentioned case study.”

Brand24 helped optimize GreenRoom’s community engagement workflow to maximize its potential while providing more detailed insights than ever before into measuring the activity.

A bar graph titled "Community Growth" showing pageviews, unique visitors, and subscriber growth over the last 12 monthsSource. : Reddit.

Building Brand Trust

Moreover, GreenRoom built greater trust and awareness among the most engaged communities, especially those in the consideration stage. This period is crucial, as potential customers actively seek information and ask questions. Interestingly, some top Google search results are drawn from forum discussions and subreddits.

EmporiaEnergy responds with a detailed answer about the recommended wire specifications and provides a link for further information. Source: Reddit.

Streamlining the Process

Switching to Brand24 significantly enhanced the customization and management of notifications for brand mentions and media monitoring, making the process more intelligent. By aggregating all mentions into a single, user-friendly dashboard and utilizing automated storm alerts along with weekly AI Insights, Brand24 streamlined GreenRoom's ability to manage and personalize notifications about Emporia. Notifications 

A screenshot of Brand24's dashboard showing storm alerts with a 200% increase in mention volume and a 500% increase in social media reach. Source: Brand24.

This setup allowed them to monitor and forward mentions that  Emporia could benefit from being aware of and to get expanded insights into what was being said about them online. The ability to add mentions as “quotes” within downloadable PDF reports helped to feature key mentions in one spot as well.

Brand24 almost immediately became GreenRoom’s primary source for brand mentions and allowed the agency to move well beyond what was possible with Google Alerts.

GreenRoom Agency

Tangible Outcomes

Brand24's analytical capabilities provided GreenRoom with concrete data rather than mere assumptions, allowing it to more easily discover and measure the number of opportunities for response and feel confident directing resources toward the activity. 

These expanded insights confirmed that GreenRoom's strategies were indeed making a significant impact, offering reassurance that they were moving in the right direction. Which was also affirmed by the AI Topic Analysis.

A donut chart showing the distribution of mentions across different sources. Source: Brand24

5. Recommendations

Here are a few key conclusions you should keep in mind based on this case study:

● Forums and community spaces are vital for brand engagement: Over a third of brand mentions came from forums, and Reddit underscores the importance of these platforms in brands' digital strategy. They serve as critical spaces for organic conversation and community-building.

● Active participation pays off: The brand's proactive engagement on its subreddit for a year and a half demonstrates the value of consistent and active participation in community spaces. This approach fosters a sense of community and directly contributes to increased brand visibility and interest.

● Targeted social media strategies hold great power: The success story exemplifies how targeted efforts on specific social media platforms (like Reddit) can yield substantial results. Understanding where your audience congregates and engaging with them can be more effective than broad, unfocused social media strategies.

About the client

GreenRoom is a full-service agency specializing in public relations, branding, and digital marketing. They are dedicated to helping brands reach customers in North America and beyond. GreenRoom has experience with clients, including technology, consumer electronics, gaming, home & housewares, outdoor goods, food & beverage, and health & beauty products. Their approach is driven by a passion for achieving their clients' objectives, leveraging a mix of public relations and digital marketing services tailored to business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs. 


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