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What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use Brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

When we started using Brand24 we were considering it solely as a tool to monitor media publications. We communicate things to gamers on a regular basis with game announcements, new trailers of upcoming titles, or information about their release dates. But none of those would reach its target audience without media outlets that are spreading the word. So it's crucial to know what is the pickup of your news or which news resonates better than others, and Brand24 is very helpful with sorting out both of those things.

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But in time we found the tool is even more useful with two more things. Monitor social media mentions and streamers or content creators that are playing your games with their audience. We’re most active on Twitter and albeit the hashtags let you track tweets about your games, some people simply don’t use them. Brand24 is very accurate in finding those tweets. The same goes with streamers which are very important in building product visibility on the gaming market. When we started to monitor the “Videos” section closely we started to feel that we wouldn't miss any content creator who started to play our games via Twitch live streams or posted a video about it on YouTube.

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What is the most important KPI you get from Brand24?

It’s the one that is hard to measure, but we would say that it's being up to date with what is written about and what is happening around our games. We’re sure we won’t miss anything, be there when someone is asking about our products or praises them and we just want to thank them for it or that the famous streamer just started to play your game, he really enjoys it so maybe it’s worth reaching out to him directly.

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What features do you find most valuable?

And tying this answer to the previous one - there are tons of posts about our games over social media every day. It’s impossible to read through all of them so it’s understandable that you want to focus on the most important ones and respond at first to people with bigger accounts with more followers and broader visibility. And that is where the Influencer Score* slider comes in handy. Without it, an effective hunt for important mentions would not be possible

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*Influencer Score will give you insight on which source or author has the greatest impact on social media or web - the higher the number, the more popular given source is! You can easily choose a specific number or move the bar when you choose 7, the panel will show you all the mentions coming from sources with Influencer Score 7 and higher. The algorithm here is based on the number of followers in social media and for a website - it's the number of visits.

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