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Shopstory is a visual page builder for headless CMS focused on ecommerce.

It allows content editors, marketers, and ecommerce managers to build pages or parts of the pages without developers.


Couple of examples what parts of ecommerce can be built with Shopstory: campaign landing pages, lookbooks, inspirational pages, custom category pages, content blocks above or below product page, and content blocks above and below collection page. 


print screen showing interface for shopstory

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We believe that quickly validating your hypothesis is the key to agile growth.

And there is no better way to check your ideas than to talk to people.

For your startup to succeed, you need to deeply understand the problem you solve. Your potential clients have the best idea on how to improve your product. All you have to do is ask for feedback. 


Many founders are afraid to publicly share their MVP. But that’s the most valuable way to learn about your audience's needs.

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We use Brand24 to find relevant online conversations.

We start our day with Brand24. We browse the mentions looking for relevant conversations, mainly on Twitter and Reddit. 


We do not focus on selling. First, we want to make sure that the tool we offer will add value to our potential users. By engaging with them, we can learn first-hand what we need to do to make our product even more relevant. 


Moreover, by knowing our customers' needs we can prepare content tailored to their needs. Our FAQ section answers many questions our users might have. 

Thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company,
Brand24 helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide.